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Biotherm White D-Tox C.C. Cream

I know what you're thinking.. "So Biotherm has jumped onto the CC Cream bandwagon" - Well, not really.. We've already seen several CC Creams in the market. They are an upgrade from BB Creams which are normally like tinted moisturizers. However, this latest product by Biotherm is an innovative CC base which provides Colour & Care!

Being more than just a makeup base, this product contains skincare to protect your skin so while it temporarily masks your imperfections, it is actually preventing them from developing as well! So one day, you won't have to cover them anymore =)

Makeup + skincare packaged in a cute lil bottle! 

I really like the nozzle cos it's sturdy and easy to control. Also helps that the product isn't very watery =)

The colour tint is really subtle and almost disappears into skin. It does not leave behind any sticky or greasy residue.

The Biotherm CC Cream offers 5-in-1 Care & Correction: Corrects, Hydrates, Smoothes, Protects & Illuminates.

SPF 50+/PA++ together with triple illuminating Lumina Marina Complex protect your skin from the effects of the sun while brightening it.

Purple CC Evenness successfully brightens and corrects the yellowness in my skintone (I'm REALLY yellow, trust me..). It glides on really well so I don't end up with purple blotches (personal experience in the past).
* No editing on my skin

There are in total 5 colours to tackle different skin tone problems.

I didn't think it would actually smoothen my skin but proven wrong by my photos! Skin feels powdery smooth but it doesn't really help with the pimples though (Get Green CC Cream if you have acne). Somehow, foundation adheres much better like it's melting into my skin instead of just sitting on top.
(click to enlarge)

Over here, I have foundation on both sides but CC Cream on the left side only. This makeup base hydrates skin and provides a smooth canvas for foundation to go on so it doesn't look cakey. Notice how my skin is normally flaky and dry..
(click to enlarge)

A closeup!

Overall, I think this is a pretty good product since it is skincare + moisturizer + sunblock + colour correction + base. I can even use this on days when I'm not using foundation, just for that lil boost & SPF.
*No editing on skin apart from panda eyes in these 2 photos

Oh btw, Rainie Yang is the ambassador! I want skin like her too~~


Size : 30 ml
Price : RM 135
Made in France

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. Woah~ Biotherm CC cream? I'm half convinced already because their skincare is really effective (after seeing results when my brother used it)

  2. wow, it seems promising ^_^

  3. I want Rainie Yan's skin too ;-)

  4. I think CC cream is better than BB cream! :)

  5. The packaging is so cute and small! But it's quite pricey for students like me :(


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