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Why I Want to Attend the Big Spa Party!

The Butterfly Project is having this big Spa Party and here are my reasons why I want to be there!

Having Timeless Truth Masks & Posh! Nail Spa as the sponsors, I'm sure we girls will be treated to an absolutely amazing pampering time. You might know already, I love TT Masks! And manicures too~~ ^_^ I've had plenty of 'ME-times' but this is a WE-time!

It's like these scenes in movies which I never got to experience! Can I have a Girls' Day In with my blogger girl friends too? =(

What happens when you put a big bunch of vain bloggers together? Photo spammmm! Manicures and cameras don't go well together but there at the spa party, Fotobox will be providing.. well, a photobox! Since Tres Chic - The Party Planner is also a sponsor, I'm hoping the place will be prettily decorated so our photos will look good (as good as us =x)! A photobooth is seriously one of the best things in an event! xD So convenient to take photos, perfect lighting and it makes us look good too nyahahahha!~

What completes a girly day? Food!! - Provided by Idea Food Solution
Yes, apart from beauty, my passion lies in eating as well =x Buffet of pampering, photos and now food! It can't get any better..

Then of course, there are the other sponsors. Can't wait to see what surprises await the girls at the spa party!

With all these brands at the Spa Party, I definitely do not want to miss it! Since the dress code is bathrobes & flipflops, I'll also be participating in a Haiavanas contest to try and win a pair! ^_^ Keeping my fingers crossed


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