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Why I want a Havaianas!

I've avoided flip flops aka selipar Jepun for as long as I can remember because I've always seen them to be so UGLY! But then I started class at Taylor's and this is the condition of our parking lot - so rocky and hard to walk on!

Literally 10 minute walk to class everyday. Then you might need to walk up 7 floors and if it rains, you can say bye bye to your sneakers. Hence, everyone in Taylor's including me wears flip flops.. But it's just so un-glam lah.. =/

Then I stumbled upon the God of flip flops - Havaianas.

OMG! Flip flops can actually be pretteh! So many shades of pink too *melts*

There's even a range with elevated soles! You can still have the height heels offer with the comfort of Havaianas. I always love some height in my shoes!

If you're the girly girly kind, there are even these with cute hearts and flowers. Love the teal btw.

On days when I feel like dressing up to class, there are fashionable flip flops like these! Bling bling ones for when I'm dressing 'cool' or floral ones for girly days. I think these might even be pretty enough to wear with dresses!

So many designs and I love all of them! You know how awkward it is when you bump into another girl wearing the same outfit? Well, now you can wear unique flip flops that speak your personality.

And.. What's my main reason for wanting a pair of Haiavanas? So I can wear 'em to the Spa Party! Of course, that's only if I win invites.. So double fingers crossed!

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  1. they were on sale on for super cheap ><


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