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Empties & New Stuff

Again, I haven't really been finishing much but gained quite a number of new things! D=

Too Faced Beauty Balm (the ONLY thing I finished omg..)
Looking at my review date, I believe I should have tossed this some time back =/ But hey.. at least I finished it.

I also did a little 'spring cleaning' and dumped a bag of stuff that have been with me foreverrr. Can't believe I've been keeping all these!

Now for the new stuff.. Took advantage of the TT Mask Buy 1 Free 1 promo! Got a bunch of my beloved Functionality Masks~ Basically, I only paid for the top half and got the bottom half for FREE!

Rearranged all my loose masks into the huge Zalora box. Perfect size..

While 'spring cleaning', I also uncovered some other boxes of masks wtf! This is a signal telling me to stop buying facial masks. Seriously.

Got myself some Freshlook Colorblends from MrLens! You can find a number of discounted contact lenses here.

Some goodies from RMK all thanks to Kanebo & Nuffnang! I will be reviewing these later.

My first try of Sothys and I'm pretty impressed. Many thanks to Tammy & The Butterfly Project

New wallet cos my old one was literally coming apart =/ Found out it's 'inspired' but can't be bothered. Quite good quality too.

The shop carries quite a number of stuff so you can check them out.

Then I somehow won 3 mascaras in the same month =/

Givenchy Noir Mascara worth RM 123 @_@ Gave this to my friend though~ Because you know.. Who can use three mascaras together? =_="

Won an Ishizawa Lovedrops Eyelash Curler Mascara from Lisa. Thank you!

Then I won a BROWN Kiss Me mascara from Yukiko! Sure am excited to try this out =)

Won another Lego book from MPH. Still haven't found the heart to use these yet!


  1. HOMAIGOD The amount of masks you have there @@

  2. lucky girl on winning all those stuff.. plus your mask collection is crazier than me! me too found a few untouch boxes of masks recently, and i purchased dozen from TT mask during IBE, and also dozen from my recent korea trip. =x

  3. have so many pieces of facial masks!

  4. and so little time to put one on D=


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