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To Giveaway Or Not?

Hello Girls,

Need a lil advice here. Since I seem to be collecting stuff in my room over time and I don't use them anymore, would you be interested in a giveaway for them?

They may be :

  • Swatched
  • Used once for blogging purpose
  • Opened
  • Purchased/part of press kit/prizes
  • May include new clothes
Obviously they are not brand new so I really gotta ask if anyone would actually want them? There isn't anything wrong with them, just not completely new anymore.. Probably will not include lip products cos I find that kinda gross in a way. Nor mascaras..

And also, would you pay for the postage to receive the item? The value of the item will definitely exceed postage price or else it's pointless..

Another thing, would you mind them being samples? Like not full sized but can be deluxe samples (not sachets).

Please leave your thoughts below! I would love to read them =)


  1. I wouldnt mind, even if its a blog sale

  2. based on my reading, a few beauty bloggers did something like a garage sale with their makeup products. they explained on how many time it was used/swatched, and how many (percentage) of product left. they either sell it separately or in bulk (package A : 1 powder, 1 eyeshadow/palette, 1 mascara, 1 lip gloss, etc) with free sample sizes or free any makeup products. they even explained if they sanitize the products or not.

  3. Thanks for the input! I guess if people are willing to buy them, getting for almost free is okay too? lol

  4. or u can also sell it at ^_^ set-up an account, it's easy. friendlyfashion is a site for us malaysian to sell preloved items or swap it with anyone who wants it ^_^

  5. I have seen people selling the used products, but still got people buy them...
    So it should be alright to give it away!

    But regarding the postage, i think many may not want it....because i personally dont like do all the banking thing....

    Most important thing is to show the readers what are they, if the readers find it appealing, then probably they may willing to pay for the postage??

    just a suggestion.... =)


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