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Tea Party in Paris

I was invited to have tea with the girls the other day at this lovely place - Angelic Tea & Scones House, Plaza Damas.

Thanks to our host, Ms Rosy!

Free manicure, hairdo and makeup for all the girls~

A light meal was served and this plate deceived everyone. What looks like a simple chicken pie and broccoli was in fact something that tastes so much more. The 'broccoli' was actually mushrooms cooked in Thai green curry sauce. OMG so so so so incredibly yummy! It was juicy and chewy, bursting with flavour. Next to it was a crispy pumpkin pie. It's actually a vegetarian place so no meat!

Wheee~~ More food

The triangular shaped one is like a crunchy pizza with capsicum. Everyone was talking about how they liked the mini croissants too. Scones were not too dry nor sweet, with a buttery taste. Overall, the food was great! You should absolutely try out the 'broccoli ;)

Photo with Jean from Caroline.

We also got to try out some L'Oreal products.

*sniff sniff*

Guess what were we doing downstairs?? 

Making flower headbands!

An artist was also present to draw caricatures.

Ayna looks so adorable with hers! xD

Macam family portrait ni..

Peplum jumpsuit from Hua Hin night market.. About 200-250 baht. Great quality too. 

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