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Hui Lau Shan @ 1 Utama

You've probably heard of Hui Lau Shan by now.. They're famous for their mango desserts! Dropped by the branch in 1 Utama which is just at the escalator leading to TGV.

Being greedy me, I wanted to try the most number of desserts without over eating. So I ordered this '3 Courses Mix & Match', costing RM 12.90.

I believe these are mini portions of the actual ones you can order separately.

Mini Chocolate Crisp is like chocolate ice cream sandwich. Love the chocolatey flavour but you gonna eat it before it melts!

Mango Pancake, a fluffy pillow filled with cream and sweet mango chunks.

Mango Chewy Ball - This is tang yuen (glutinous rice balls) with lots of mango. I did enjoy the small tang yuen for their chewiness.

Mango Icy Combo RM 12.90

Perfect example of 'photos for illustration purposes only'.

Overall, food's alright but pretty pricey for what you get. Not so good until I would have it again but I don't hate it either. I enjoyed the company of the day though ^_^

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  1. Oh my gosh, the deserts look so mouth-watering delicious! *A* Thanks for sharing~ I wish I had more places like this close to me. *A*


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