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I've Been to Shanghai Twice, During Rush Hour Three Times!

Watching movies has become a kind of 'luxury' to me because I'm not always at home. So when I have time, I put my feet up, grab a bag of chips and plop myself on the couch. Then something happens and my leisure time has been cut short Grr...

Don't you hate it when you're so engrossed in a movie and you need to leave the house or go somewhere without TV?!? Or worse..

You miss a mega gan cheong (exciting) part of the movie!
Like the ending of Sixth Sense.

No worries.. I'll just Pause & Play at the exact same point on my phone! ;) Entertainment on the go~

In fact, you can do the same with your phone, tablet or computer. It's compatible with iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows. So technically, you can leave your house and continue watching in your friend's house xD

All this can be done with Escape!

You can download the app on your phone for FREE then sign up with your Celcom number and register at

Can you guess who?

There's a big library of movies (over 500) to choose from.
  • Hollywood, Korean, Indonesian, Hindi and local movies
  • Live events & concerts
  • Variety of movie genres - Action, thriller, comedy, drama, horror, romance
  • Hi-res video quality
Hello, they even have The Little Nyonya! Omg.. I remember crying my eyes out to that movie!!! Never be without entertainment from only 80 cents an hour.

Escape from reality, boredom and boundaries, anytime, anywhere!

Check out to find out more.

Available exclusively to Celcom subscribers nationwide~

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