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Miss Rosy's Secret

I recently became friends with Ms Rosy after The Butterfly Project introduced me to her but who is Ms Rosy?

Miss Rosy is a young and vibrant girl who loves all things girly! She also likes keeping in touch with her friends and family via social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it!

Like many girls out there, she LOVES the colour pink!

She is also envied by many for her rosy pink complexion that glows from within.

But you see, Miss Rosy is not a selfish girl. So she has decided to share the secret to her rosy skin - L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Transparent Rosy Whitening! It isn't about getting pale white faces but one with a rosy glow.

You should not have to hide behind dark and dull skin!

Let your inner beauty blossom~

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Milky Foam (RM 21.90/100ml)
Before applying any skincare, make sure you cleanse your face properly to remove any dirt or makeup that can clog your pores and leave nasty pimples. The Milky Foam lathers up easily and cleanses well without drying out my skin.

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Toner (RM 22.90/200ml)
Toner is a must to freshen skin and to prepare it for the goodness you are about to apply. I like to soak a cotton pad in toner and apply liberally. The cotton pad also works to exfoliate gently.

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Double Essence (RM 59.90/2x15ml)
This product is a special one as it comes with TWO serums that you are supposed to pump out and use together. 

It contains Melanin Vanish & Pink Tourmaline Gemstone *gasp* Jewels on your skin! Let's hope we'll glow like Edward after using it. Melanin Vanish is 50 times more powerful than Melanin Block. It goes deep into skin to fight and get rid of dark spots, skin dullness and uneven skin tone. Pink Tourmaline Gemstone, on the other hand, boosts microcirculation, stimulating it to produce a rosy and radiant face.

This serum targets skin darkening and spots, fading them to give you a more radiant and even skin. It absorbs really well and my skin feels comfortable.

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Day Cream SPF17/PA++ (RM 33.90/50ml)
Working to reduce dark spots, this day cream also prevents their formation using UV filters.

Safety cap to prevent product spillage and also to keep it fresh. With the cap, you can bring it around with you.

The texture is not too heavy, it absorbs well without making me feel sticky or greasy. There is not white cast and it provides hydration. I would describe it to be a gel-cream.

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Night Cream (RM 36.90/50ml)
Did you know our skin repairs itself at night? Don't slack on the night care! Instead, pamper your face with the right stuff and you will wake up to a rejuvenated complexion.

The Night Cream is actually lighter that the Day Cream as it does not contain SPF. It comes in this super lovely lilac colour and is more gel-like. Very light and comfortable on skin but it does provide ample hydration.

Remember when I said Ms Rosy is not a selfish person? Well, she would like to share her beauty secret with YOU! Take a photo showing your rosy fairness, upload it to Instagram and tag #RosyFairness. Go HERE to claim your photo! Three winners will be picked every week~ You can also find out where Ms Rosy will be in order to meet her!

Pretending to be Ms Rosy's BFF xD We're in Paris yo!

Ms Rosy

Twitter @PerfectlyMsRosy

Instagram #rosyfairness

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  1. Wah, so pinky! XD Love your outfit in the photo, btw ^^


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