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Bloop Perfume Oil (Rose & Dewberry)

Something else I never knew Bloop had - Perfume Oils! I got rose and dewberry but there are also apple and green tea. Come to think of it, I should have gotten apple!

The dropper allows me to apply at exact locations and the bottle is quite sturdy so I chuck it into my bag to bring along. My bag smells ridiculously nice now! I love the Dewberry one because it's so sweet and not too strong but the Rose is really rosey so.. I apply with caution =x

It's pretty long lasting, better than the perfumes I have which fade after a few hours. And it's just RM 28 which is so affordable please.. If you're a girl on a budget, you might wanna check this out ;)

If you're not near a Bloop counter, you an also get these from HiShop.

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  1. Hi. . Where i can get this perfume?? Im so interested...


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