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[Giveaway] Exfo Clear Fine Gel

Super lovely parcel from Exfo!

Parcel from Exfo

I have extras so a giveaway is ON! Read on to find out more~

Exfo parcel
Exfo giveaway sachets

The Exfo Clear Fine Gel has been in Japan for 20 years! Whatever the Japanese are using, it's usually good xD

Exfo Clear Fine Gel

Exfo Clear Fine Gel details and ingredients list

True to its name, the gel is clear. It's water based, free from fragrance, colourant & preservatives. Has a watery gel consistency that doesn't drip but still spreads easily. This one pump is enough for my face.

Exfo Clear Fine Gel on hand

Gently rub it on clean, dry skin in a circular motion and these lil balls will appear. They will gently remove the dead skin along with all the dirt. If your skin is really dirty, they will turn grey or blackish =x

Rubbing Exfo Clear Fine Gel to form small lumps

Wash off the residue and you will be greeted by cleaner, smoother skin! Exfo Clear Fine Gel is supposed to remove blackheads, keratin plugs (that cause all those clogged pores!) and old dead skin cells that contain melanin. By removing the layer of dead skin, you are helping your skin renewal process & aid in absorption of skincare.

But of course, if we overdo the exfoliation, we will only end up with dry and sensitive skin. Luckily, this product is gentle enough to be used daily without harming skin and is even suitable for dry/sensitive skin.

Cleaner skin after Exfo Clear Fine Gel

"Clear Fine Gel removes dead skins cells by reacting to skin proteins, & taking away extra amino acids. In the process, regularizes your skin turnover rate & curbs excessive production of sebum. Eventually making skin smoother, brighter and softer ie. Enhances fairness & radiance of your skin."

Benefits of Exfo Clear Fine Gel

See how it has removed that layer of cracked dull skin! Can also be used on the rough areas of your body like your knees and elbows. Despite it being an exfoliant, strangely my skin feels more hydrated & soft after.

Results from Exfo Clear Fine Gel

Exfo Clear Fine Gel is priced at RM 69 and comes with FREE Delivery & 100% Money Back Guarantee! Shop at your convenience with payment to local bank accounts, Paypal & credit card; and COD service.

You can check out the website for more info. You can also purchase through Chicky Finds.

Exfo Clear Fine Gel Giveaway

I'm giving away 1 bottle of Exfo Clear Fine Gel worth RM 69! For the other participants, you will receive a free sample as well =)

** Giveaway for people with Malaysian address only! Make sure you fill in your e-mail address as some of you don't use the same one for FB.


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Size : 100 ml
Price : RM 69
Sold at : Exfo Website / Chicky Finds
Made in Japan

Website :

Facebook :

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.

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  1. dear. Isabel, thank you for having this giveaway :) now we can try out the gel tooo!

    all the best to everyone!


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