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Attend the BAC Education Fair to Win Prizes!

I didn't take my education seriously and had one delay after another from procrastinating then I made the wrong choices which caused me to waste another year and money. From my experience, I am telling YOU, if you just finished your SPM/STPM, go for an education fair!! In fact, you can even go earlier to prepare..

The BAC Education Fair is happening on 30th March - 1st April, from 11am until 6pm, at VSQ @ PJ City Centre. There will be tonnes of activities and even thousands of Ringgit worth of prizes to be given away! 

The ASUS Nexus 7, movie tickets and more could be yours! Fill in the form HERE to be in the lucky draw. You can get your friends to fill it up too and go together!

If you're like me, clueless about where to go next, an education fair is the best as experts from local and foreign colleges are all in ONE place, ready to answer your questions and guide you.

If you think it'll be boring, there will also be a carnival (sounds fun!), competitions, game shows and more. Plus.. There's that lucky draw! xD Aaand this Instagram challenge~ I know you all have Instagram so this should be easy.

LearningHub Instagram Challenge

Every hour starting from 1pm till 4pm, take a photo on Instagram with the following theme, then at every 45 minute interval head over to Hertfordshire Room to see if you’re a winner.  

e.g. Instagram Challenge 1 starts at 1pm, winner announcement will be at 2.45pm and so on.

* Prizes are to be collected at Hertfordshire Room during each session
and must be taken by the uploader.
* Prizes are subject to change without prior notice

Make sure you put hashtags on your photos! - #LHAChallenge, #LearningHub & #BACEduFair

The themes are : 

Day 1
1. Picture of a LeaningHub Asia Facilitators (1pm - 2pm)
2. Picture with a BAC Lecturer (2pm - 3pm)  
3. BAC Edu Fair Poster (3pm - 4pm)
4. Picture of a Game Show Challenge (4pm - 5pm)

Day 2

1. Photo of a LearningHub Asia activity (1pm - 2pm)

2. A Photo with a LeaningHub Asia Facilitator (2pm - 3pm)
3. Picture of a Game Show Challenge.(3pm - 4pm)
4. A Photo of you and/or with a friend next to a LeaningHub Asia Bunting/Banner (4pm - 5pm)

The Prizes (given at every challenge)
1st Prize - 1x Watch
2nd Prize - 1x USB Drive
3rd Prize - 2x GSC Movie Tickets.

See you there!

* Advertorial

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