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Do You LOVE Pink?

I think it is quite normal for girls to like the colour pink. I just seem to be attracted to pink items! After all, it is such a soft and girly colour~ If there's a bag or wallet.. I most probably will choose the pink one. Skincare and beauty stuff in pink packaging are major love too!

I only bring ONE pen with me to class and that's pink too =x

I already had my eyes on the Samsung Note II since it came out. It is my dream phone!! Never got around to getting it though. And so glad I didn't because.. they came out with a new colour which is PINK! *squeals*

Matches my pink nails! That's one awesome thing about a pink phone, it matches my other girly girly things so well even without a phone case. Compare that to the black ones many of us carry around nowadays..

I know something many people are concerned about is the size. I don't think it's a problem for me since I just chuck it in my bag. Bigger screen just means bigger photos, videos and browsers!

I mean like hello..? I can still camwhore with one hand so the size is still good xD

Front camera not bad too! I don't usually bring my camera out but the camera on this phone looks good enough to snap with.

Actually the big screen has its functions la.. It allows you to open more than 1 window to do your things. Like for example.. Whatsapp my Bf while looking at the Map cos I get lost easily =x Then because I take photos of everything and they just accumulate, the phone makes photo browsing peanuts.

Since my phone sometimes replaces my PC, I appreciate the lovely colours and details that this phone provides. Heard the battery life is good too! Can Facebook, Tweet, Instagram & Blog all I want while I'm out xD

Playing with the S Pen is fun! Especially good when you want to draw things. Can use it to crop myself out of the background for OOTD pics!

Writing myself notes/reminders.. If I get one, it'll replace my physical planner. Definitely.

It also has other functions like hover over to preview etc but you can head down to the Samsung outlets to try it out for yourself!

Samsung Note II Pink, will you magically appear in my hands soon? =)

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  1. woah so pink!!! and it's selling a cheaper price than I last bought just now! Owh my!!! =X

  2. Kya~~~ I really love the pink phone QAQ I really wish I could buy one. They are so expensive x.x;;


  3. i want :(
    but i dont like big phones if s4 will launch in pink locally i'd buy it

  4. Save up for one! ;) I never regretted getting a smartphone. So so useful.. @_@

  5. I already use 2 hands for my S2 so I don't think the Note2 will be much of a difference haha

  6. I do love pink (: More pink things!!


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