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Shu Uemura Party with Tammy

Thanks to Tammy, we were invited for a party at Shu Uemura! It's for a preview of the lovely new Sakura Collection, designed by ob.

The whole range looks so cutteee! Those eyelashes are really unique too.

The four princesses : Ocean Princess, Moon Princess, Cherry Blossom Princess and Forest Princess.

BB Mousse looking all adorable.

Pastel macaroons fit for the theme.

There was a contest where we were told to dress up as one of the four princesses. Alicia on the left made her own dress and won best dressed!

Angeline & I.

With Esther

Alicia, cute small pink girl and Lisa.

Special girl of the day, Tammy! Thanks for the invite~

* Kinda weird how the flowers on our dresses seem to join together LOL

Shu Uemura staff were also taking polaroid photos of us!

Tammy welcoming us and revealing what's the door gift.

The door gift - This beautiful 24k Gold Eyelash Curler that's limited edition!! I've always wanted a Shu Uemura curler and this is just so pretty!~

Award winning Lisa Yap showing us how to apply the makeup.

Simply love those lashes!

We were each given a Shu Uemura canvas bag to paint, also a contest. See this Yukiko painting away happily.

Her cute lil princess!

Lisa and Angeline are just.. good artists..

Like really.. I'm not sure what happened to mine =/ *hides face* Kinda expected the fabric paint to be like chalk but of course, it's a totally different thing and what I had in mind became something else #disaster

Didn't stop me from bringing it out though! Went for a fishing trip to Pulau Ketam.

Shu Uemura even surprised Tammy with a birthday cake! How sweet of them..

Do check out the cute sakura collection at any Shu Uemura outlets near you!

Photos from Senri.

Headgear from my sis (prop for her wedding), which I thick skinned-ly walked around 1 Utama with.

So tell me.. Do you dress up according to the theme at parties?


  1. Wow! Everything is so cute! <3

  2. hahaha.. I thought that flower headgear was given to you to wear at the Shu Eumura party. But you look lovely with it anyway! :D wow, the renowned eyelash curler that I've heard so so so much buzz about on Youtube as a door gift. That's pretty generous of them!

  3. OOOOH I love those lenses! So pretty.

    Also, I can't wait to see what the Ob products are like, the princesses are such a cute theme.

  4. Hehe. Which princess are you? Flower princess?

  5. Supposed to be the flower one but apparently I look like another 1 haha

  6. Love all the pretty pics!! and your blue contacts ^^


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