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After months of abstinence (from unnecessary shopping! lol), I decided to grab some things from The prices are so much cheaper compared to local sellers and shops!

But then I encountered a problem with my address where the system didn't have my street name and when I left it empty, it added on a 'Jalan Makmur' for me wtf It's a drop down menu so you're forced to pick one, which is just absurd! Messaged their customer service and didn't get a solution despite them telling me they would get back to me within 2 working days. *Problem solved after some time

Anyway, my first order was on 20th Feb from seller skin club. She was having a Group Buy promo for some Peripera lip products which I just went crazy over.

Group Buys are usually much cheaper and are like deal websites where you need a certain number of people to purchase to lock the deal.

So in the end I got them for RM 12+ and RM 15+ only plus RM 6.90 shipping. It's normal airmail without tracking number though.. But then you can read the reviews posted at the bottom of every page. Some love to post many photos too so that's just great. Usually the sellers are really responsible over their mistakes too. Btw, I believe one product already costs about RM 30 here so it's really worth it!!

** Received on the 25th of March, over a month later!

2nd order is from skinclub. I know.. weird but it's a different seller haha!

** This seller probably sells fake masks! To the left are masks from a supplier in Singapore and the right is the one I received from skinclub.

Bought RM 34 worth of masks! That's 10 pieces so considered cheap for Leaders InSolution. There are also Mediheal masks and crazy sales sometimes where the base price is RM 0.60-90 but you gotta add on RM 2.70 for Leaders InSolution.

19th March - Getting worried cos something else I ordered on the 8th of March arrived today while the above 2 have not! Adamant on either getting a refund or a replacement!

25th March - Received my Peripera lip products yayy

Parcel from Veronica Holic, ordered 8th March, sent out 13th March and arrived on 19th March. Pretty fast for free shipping =)

Bubble wrapped envelope + more bubble wrap inside.

From the reviews, it seems that many of the sellers provide samples as free gifts. 

Although my first 2 parcels took forever, Qoo10 seems like a good place for Korean products.


  1. i heard their delivery system not that good and some complaint never received their items

  2. I always have trust issue when it comes to international shipping. I'm always worrying my parcels would get lost and waste my $$$... yeah, so much for worrying, if not I've already done a lot of international online purchases!

  3. The only thing stopping me are the postage fees!

  4. I bought my bb creams from qoo10. Cheap, authentic & freebies! Really worth! Can't get it at that kind of price in Malaysia.

  5. Woah~ Looks nice! o: I'm sorry to hear that you're still missing your first 2 parcels. D': Hopefully, it'll come in soon.

  6. Depends on the seller. I only use normal mail. One arrived within 2 weeks while another 1 month+

  7. How long you waited for the parcel to reach? A month? And I tried to order before but the postage is freakingly expensive :o

  8. Between a week to 1 month+. Honestly, this depends on the seller so you really gotta read the comments. I only purchased from sellers with free or cheap normal postage (no tracking number).

  9. I also love online shopping. You can try this online shopping sites for cheap korean beauty products with fast delivery.


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