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Recycle Those Beauty Products

I always get that feeling at the bottom of my stomach whenever I throw away a full product just because I could not use it and it expired. Especially if it's expensive! Here's some suggestions on how to reduce wastage. Any more are welcome! Just drop them in the comments section.

1. Any facial scrub, wash or moisturizer is used for the body.

2. Eye creams can be used to revive dried cream eyeliners.

3. Shampoos and makeup remover to wash brushes or sponges.

4. Lotions (toner) can be used as a mask by soaking a 'pill sheet' in it. This is a good way to quickly finish an expiring product without wasting it. You may also use cotton pads.

5. Lipsticks used as a cream blusher.

6. Expired eyeshadows mixed into clear nail polish to make your own customized colours!

That's all I can think of for now..


  1. These are some really great ideas!! :D Thanks! ^^

  2. Cool! Very helpful!! :D Thanks so much!!


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