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My hair was desperately needing a haircut! Popped by Calipso in Uptown with Nicole to pamper my tresses mane. It's upstairs so spot a fuchsia signboard and this staircase. It's on the end of a block (not corner lot).

The inside is like a cozy little cottage o.0 It's small, fits 8 customers and a small waiting area. There's a small but clean washroom as well.

I took the RM88 package which includes a hair wash, hair treatment and cut. The 5-7 minutes hair wash was VERY thorough as the assistant scrubbed my scalp clean. She also massaged my head, neck and upper shoulder (wah like spa). It was a bit hard but you can inform her to be softer. She wasn't very gentle with my hair though and it got tangled. I love that the 'chair' to rinse your hair is so comfy though! There's a soft pillow under your head so you don't lie on the hard sink.

An intensive hair treatment followed that was supposed to improve the moisture levels in my dry hair. It was quite a harsh application due to the fact that my hair was tangled from earlier. She also swung my hair to the front (towel wasn't wrapped all the way) which was awkward lol After washing off the treatment, I had another brief massage then a warm, damp cloth was used to wipe the back of my neck to remove the shampoo used to massage earlier.

Next was the hair cut! They're severely understaffed as there was only 1 stylist, Ms Brenda.

Initially I considered this length but she advised me against such a drastic change xD

Old hair for reference.. Long hair that has lost it's curl. Dry, frizzy, messy and out of shape.

Ta-da! She layered my hair to create more volume and advised me to blow dry my hair to fix the fringe and bottom curve. Hair is shiny, softer and smoother after the treatment. Smelt great too but that could have been the 2 hair capsule oils they applied which costs RM 5. The other lady was pretty 'hard sell' and kept pushing their scalp treatment and hair treatment (product). After blow drying my hair, she asked if I wanted 'oil' so I just said yes, thinking it was complimentary. As she was grabbing it, then she informed me it's RM 5. She was already standing behind me with the capsules so I just accepted.

Love my hair now!

Sorry I over camwhored lolz

No, actually I'm not sorry. Here's one more! xD

Overall, the price is pretty affordable but I would probably skip the hair wash unless my scalp is feeling suffocated. It did a very good job in cleaning up the buildup though.

Address : 28, Jalan SS21/58, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya 47400
Phone number : 03-77287161 (Brenda Ng)


  1. Whoa! You actually went and cut it short (compared to your loooong hair before this). I'd never have the guts to do that, even though my hair is in pretty bad shape too. >__<

  2. Well, I don't miss my long hair LOL It's my style to cut it short then leave it to grow like lalang. Repeat.

  3. i love the layers :) more cheerful looking!

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  4. Cute haircut!

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