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K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow (01 Chocolate Brown)

I have always been intimidated by eyebrow pens as I've only used pencil type ones. I finally gathered the courage to try this since I won it in a contest.

Interesting.. One side is liquid while the other is powder.

It comes in a form of a sleek brown and gold coloured pen with a transparent end.

Liquid side comes with a felt tip that's sturdy but soft. Extremely easy to control.

When you hear 'liquid' you might think of 'dark and pigmented' but the colour that comes out of this is quite sheer. It surprised me and changed my perception of eyebrow pens forever! You can go from thin to fat and layer it for more colour.

The powder side is actually just a sponge tip. The powder is stored in the cap! This product sure is intriguing..

Powder is a brown shade with gold specks all over. If you merely pat it on, it is powdery so make sure you smudge it. Intensity is buildable.

I apply the liquid side on the tail of my eyebrows, trace the outline lightly and on any bald spots.

Make sure you only apply it lightly on the tail or else your brows will be too harsh! If you're using the lighter shade, Honey Brown, then you might get away with colouring almost the whole brow.

Powder goes on the front. Layering the powder over the liquid makes it darker so I try not to overlap too much.

Photo on left is with bare brows while I've filled them in on the right. Even though I added colour, looks like they're softer after as they're brown instead of black. Also matches my hair more.

I saw from the other bloggers that the powder side can be used as eyeshadow as well. It blends smoothly into a soft brown with some gold shimmer. I also realized that the liquid side works for lining the lower lash line! I never use pen eyeliners there as they're too dark and harsh.

Overall, this K-Palette product is pretty good. Still working on being more light handed as the colour is a tad too dark for my liking.

Oh yeah, guess what? I forgot to remove the swatch and the next day, it was still there despite me having showered twice in between! It's stated as waterproof anyway.. Vigorous rubbing does remove the gold specks and some colour though. On my brows, the colour and shape stays there for the whole day & night.

Ingredients :

Price : RM 59.90

My conclusion : Compared to an eyebrow pencil, this is more precise and clean but the pencil gives a more natural effect and the colour intensity is easier to control. This can fill in bald spots and give a more defined shaped easier though.

** I won the product in a giveaway. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. I'm also still learning how to use it! :D I think I should get my brows trimmed before using it, as i think it will look better. I think you used it perfectly, because it definitely looks nice and natural on you! :D

  2. Yeah, filling in brows is useless if dun shape the hair first. IRL it's too dark for me =(

  3. You're great at drawing eyebrows. I need to practice practice practice. Seems like a great product. I'm using the eyeliner and that's really good, too. Btw, love the circle lenses you're wearing :)

  4. I'm not sure if I can use this without ppl mistaking me as an opera ghost... takes some skills, I guess...

  5. It's not as hard as it seems =) Much easier compared to those that are like normal pencils. Bought a couple from Daiso and they were disastrous!

  6. Nah.. Still turns out wonky lol One side is alright but the other is just stubborn!

  7. great review, i'm curious to try this now

  8. Can I ask what brown contact lenses (and brand) you are wearing please in this post, please? tried to search your blog for reviews but too many results and dont know where to begin!

  9. Hi Jenny,
    I'm wearing MagicColour Sparkling Brown lenses. I love the aqua ones from this series!

    In case you're interested, these other 2 are great too :

    I also just opened a pair of Dazzle Purple and they're really pretty


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