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Essential Nuance Airy Shampoo

Many thanks to Cynthia for buying this for me all the way from Singapore.

Cute light pink shiny bottles *melts* I thought the shampoo smells amazing too! However, my bf took one sniff and said it smells like cough syrup. Cannot be undone, I tell you! Now I can't get back to the 'fragrant smelling shampoo' anymore =_="

Unlike the usual shampoos I use, this does not dry out my hair. In fact, it makes my hair softer and smoother as opposed to squeaky clean. A good shampoo for dry hair =)

The shampoo does not lather as much as I prefer so I do tend to use more.

Size of the nozzle is just perfect. Any bigger, it would be hard to control the watery shampoo.

It's hard to differentiate the similar shampoo and conditioner bottles in the shower since I'm not wearing my glasses nor contacts. The company must've thought of this cos they put pop up dots on the side to mark the shampoo bottle. This is the same concept with the Asience shampoo.

Ingredients :

Size : 200 ml
Bought from : Pharmacy in Singapore
Made in Thailand


  1. So far I've never tried the pink ones coz I'm afraid it will make my dry/drizzy hair even more "lighter" (airy) than it already is. >__< Have you tried both?

  2. I've only tried pink so far.. Actually it means making your hair more manageable without weighing it down. Don't think it will make your hair more puffy if that's what you mean lol

  3. Adorable blog! Following you on Google Connect now. Hope you can share the love back by visiting and following me too.

    Much love from Canada~

  4. I emailed them and they said they have no plan to bring into Msia dammit

  5. T___T. I guess I'll have to get help from some friends in Singapore. If I get Essential products, which few would you recommend? I know you love the masque..

  6. Actually that depends on your hair.. My hair NEEDS the mask but the treatment is a lighter version that could work on moderately damaged hair. I think it's cheaper. Conditioner is just meh.. Works but if you're currently using one from Msia that's cheaper, don't bother. Pink serum if you like soft bouncy hair (curls) or orange serum for sleeker straight hair (it's heavier than pink so I prefer the pink one for airy hair).


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