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Candy Striped Nails

I initially picked these colours for another design but I got lazy at the last minute and decided to try out stripes instead =_=" Why 'candy'? Well, I thought it looked like Choki-Choki xD And Nicole said it looks like Nanonano.

Base is a pale yellow by The Face Shop which I also used for my leopard nails. I put on 2 coats of it. Doesn't matter if there are streaks or uneven colour.

Stripes done using a flat nail art brush and Rimmel 60 Seconds Flash Nail Polish (Coralicious).

Outcome came out way worse than what I imagined LOL Obviously, my hands were too shaky so the lines were wobbly. I combined thick and thin lines, masking the imperfections on the yellow base. A striping brush might have produced better results..


  1. The colours remind me of McD's pulak, lol. But agree with ur ChokiChoki reference, very similar XD

  2. seems like a bacon to me

  3. That's creative! Love the pale yellow color!

  4. Awww...that's delicious...i meant the choki choki..hehehhehe

  5. LOL Cos my lines are so wobbly? =(


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