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Voice Out & Be Rewarded

Don't you want a best friend whom you can pour all your thoughts to? Well, that's where Libresse comes in! Not only does Libresse listen, you will be rewarded with 'Little Surprises' by sharing your opinion.

Step 1 : Head to and like the Libresse Malaysia Facebook page.

Step 2 : Look for the Libresse Barometer application and click on it.

The Libresse Barometer is a place for you to vent out your opinions and let your voice be heard (literally!). I'm one who has an opinion on things so this is a great place to let it out. Plus the first week was on makeup so brownie points! I also find the use of emoticons and voice kinda interesting.

3 questions will be released per week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The topic changes every week so stay tuned to find out what's the next topic!

There are 3 ways in which you can react to the week's topic.

A - If you're more used to using facial expressions, you can choose one of these to represent you. Does the topic make you angry, sad or excited? Show it!

B - Write your opinion based on the question of the day. Be creative as the top 2 most interesting sentiments every week win little surprises!

C - I wasn't kidding about letting your voice be heard! The third option allows you to record your voice. If you're shy, you can use the app to alter your voice to sound like a robot or something else. How cool is that? xP

There will be THREE (3) winners every week - 2 most interesting ones and 1 for the most active participant. FYI, you're allowed to answer the questions more than once! What are you waiting for? I've already answered the question of the day and shared it on my wall so my friends can join in the fun too. You have until 31/12/2012 to join in the fun.

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