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Simply Organic Mart & Cafe

While on our way to the Glow in the Dark & Wet Party at Desa Water Park, we dropped by here for early dinner. They claim to have about 80% organic ingredients in their food. It seemed like a really healthy place with it's "9 NOs".

The place is quite small, combining a mart and cafe. Even though space is limited, it's cozy, comfortable (with air conditioning) and the staff are friendly.

This glass of freshly squeezed Wheatgrass Apple Mixture was recommended by the waitress. It's labeled under organic but doesn't use organic apples. It's tasty but has a unique taste to it. Honestly, the drinks are pretty pricey but the coconut is only RM4.50. Too bad they didn't have stock.

The Lei Cha came first. We were shocked by the size of it! Hefty portions of brown rice, vegetables, kidney beans, carrots, tofu, hazelnuts and salted vegetable. The cha was salty and when mixed into the bowl, the dish had a savoury, green taste. Yummy and healthy!

I ordered the Tri-Color Noodle as it looked pretty interesting. This also came in a big portion and I couldn't finish it. The plate by itself is pretty bland but they provide a thick brown sauce that tastes like shoyu to mix in. 

The mixture turned out to be super duper delicious! Loved how the seaweed added some crisp and fragrance to the soft noodles. The colours made it look appealing as well.

I added on Miso Soup for an additional RM 3 too. This was full of seaweed and the soup tasted better than the usual miso soups.

Although some may consider the price to be high, it's a good price to pay for healthy food.

Address : 29, Jalan Desa, Taman Desa, Jalan Kelang Lama, 58100, Kuala Lumpur
Phone number : 03-7984 3557
Business hours : 10am - 9.30pm, Monday to Sunday


  1. Oooh the colourful noodles look nice! Personally dont really like Lei Cha because it's too green for my tastebuds, lol

  2. not expensive at all! it's worth it. seems yummy! thanks for recommending this place!

  3. looks so yummy, esp the noodles!!! very healthy too

  4. My bf said it's expensive cos no meat haha

  5. this is one of our fave eateries in Taman Desa.

  6. I would love the wheatgrass drink


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