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Simple Life Vegetarian Restaurant, SS2Mall

Lunch one fine day at SS2Mall.. Without buying Chatime.

=O Is that actually possible?!!

Well, yes.. Saved my stomach for ZenQ (should not have!).

This is actually a BOWL, not a plate =_=" Loved the seaweed (omg can you see how much they put in there?), carrot and celery. The noodle is really nice and chewy too ^_^ I did not like the 'fishcake' though.. I just found the texture to be really strange. Plus the soup was annoyingly super salty. I had to 'dry' the noodles before eating them and then it was still salty! If it weren't for the soup, I would have liked this =(

Look at the siiizzeee.. I could not finish this.

Brian's brown rice nasi lemak, I guess? The 'chicken' on the left is pumpkin.

I dunno what this is =/

Close up! Is it weird if I think the mushrooms are cute?

Choose between soft booth seats and wooden chairs (choice is obvious). I quite like the ambience in this place. Plus there were tufts of grass behind me which made the place seem 'green'.

It's located on the block across Chatime, on the ground floor (outside). There's also one in Sunway Pyramid, LG2-126A, Blue Atrium.

Would I return? Perhaps! Close enough for a lazy lunch and I can have Chatime!


  1. angelvalerie198503 December, 2011 13:15

    WHere is is SS2 Mall actually? I heard about it but I don't know how to get there. I'm a GPS noob.

  2. lolll Its near New Paris restaurant n the S K Taman SEA.


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