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Christmas Pyramid Hauling

Went to check out the Mass Comm course in Taylor's Lakeside that day.. (Anyone studying there?) Gosh.. Parking there is horrible! Not to mention the guard scolded me for not having a sticker wtf I'm a visitor of course I don't have a sticker...

Me : Bang, mana visitor parking?
Guard : Parking sini.. Tapi you tak ada sticker
Me : Oh. Ok.. Jadi nak pergi mana?
Guard : You pergi office ambil token baru boleh masuk parking
Me : Saya bukan student... Visitor parking kat mana?
Guard : Ambil token dulu..
- At this point the car behind me was already honking so I gave up -
Me : *groans* Okok.. Saya nak pergi office sekarang
Guard : Lain kali.. Ambil token dulu.. Kali ni saya bagi masuk *opens gate*


It's like a chicken & egg situation! I need a token from the office to enter the parking but in order to go to the office, I need to park first!

Anyway, most of the parking at Taylor's is open air so you would have to endure Earth's elements (sun, wind & rain) to get to class. Having second thoughts now.. =/

Headed straight to Sunway Pyramid after that cos Nicole had to shop for work clothes (it's a liiieee!! I'm always the one shopping in the end). Since we kinda melted under the sun earlier, we got ZenQ drinks. I ordered Jelly Milk Tea again. Really disappointed. It still doesn't taste as good as Chatime & I couldn't taste any jelly until I was almost finishing the drink.

Then we syok sendiri take pics like crazy with the Xmas deco =x Pics are straight out of the camera, no editing done except resizing. So yellooowwww =/ Some shots didn't turn out good but I'll just post them anyway. Taken with Olympus Pen Lite, auto mode except those with 'filters' which are under ART. Obviously, I need to experiment more with this..




Soft focus

So weird that the guy behind is in the shot lol

Pinhole with 'blue filter' lol

Normal pinhole

Fav photo of the day ^_^ Darn Facebook has made it so grainy though. Pfft..

Wishing well!!

*peeps into wishing well*

Soft focus

Sorry, I just had to LOL

New shoooeess! Am I the only idiot who bought two of the same thing but in different colours? Black one's for work & the pinkish one is for non-work =/ Now I think I should have taken a size bigger though. Dammit..

I think these are my first pink shoes.. And my first covered shoes which I willingly bought (kinda like sneakers but not sneakers). RM 50 each from Mod. I had refused to wear covered shoes cos they're so un-girly and just ugly.. Until.. I saw these! Hence, the double purchase for a quite unreasonable price (it's not of the best quality).

Er.. More polishes I don't need. Buy 2 free 1 at Nature Republic, RM 5.90 each.

I also got a pair of jeans from Parkson for RM 65 (half price.. yay!). A pair of jeans that actually FITS well =_=" Gosh.. It's hard to have fitting pants when your size keeps changing.

I think I got carried away that day =/ At least I practised a little self control and left Padini (omg Vincci heels for half price) empty handed =x


  1. Olympus Pen Lite!! I wanted an Olympus Pen for the longest time. What do you think about it? Any complains or regrets?

  2. well, photos are yellow in auto if the lighting isnt good. It shows up not yellow on the screen so maybe its the screen settings.
    G12 is cheaper and has a better screen which you can flip over to camwhore (omg best invention ever) but honestly, it makes me look bad LOL this camera is much much better plus it has an e portrait function that makes your skin smooth.
    Size wise, the Lens is bulky! but still bearable.. it's bigger than the Olympus xz -1 or Canon s95 :( macro n other lenses have to be purchased separately but I can live without them.. can still take shots of labels etc with the kit lens.
    External flash can be a PITA since i never remember to bring it( I always remove it since it's jutting out n looks like I'll break it).
    it's light, easy to hold, looks good, takes good shots and er.. makes me look good xD so no regrets even though it's a lil pricey.
    BTW, reason I chose this over Panasonic lumix gf3 is cos I hate the touch screen. I pressed a million buttons while trying to zoom cos my fingers were all over the screen without knowing it.

  3. Wow.. very detailed explanation!
    Good! I hate touch screen too. Man.. I have to save up for this! I love the soft skin mode~ All the pictures look good too.. <3

  4. nice place to shop. christmas is around the corner. 

  5. awwww so cute & festive!!! i love looking at holiday decorations at the malls & stuff. makes me so happy :D your pink shoes are so cute! great buys

  6. The guard is just being ridiculous.. Visitors for Taylors do not require a sticker nor token.. Stickers and tokens are for the students and lecturer.. and you cant get any tokens from the office.. COMPLAIN THE GUARD!! LOL

  7. =_=" I'm going there again to sign up for a course soon. Praying it won't happen again!


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