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Capricciosa Subang Parade

Until now.. I am unable to remember and pronounce the name of this restaurant properly so I call it 'Capsicum' =_=" This Italian restaurant was actually opened by a Japanese man named Masaaki Honda and the first branch was in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Failed blogger cos I forgot to take a photo of the place =/

Was in a soupy mood so I ordered Clam Chowder.. I've never tasted one before despite 'cooking' it so many times in Restaurant Story lol It's better than I expected (I'm not a fan of creamy looking food). To our delight, there were a lot of clams in it ^_^

There was a Thanksgiving promotion for the fresh pasta (RM 7.90) so we both ordered the same thing. The pasta is hand made every day so it's really solid/compact/hand made feel =/ My plate was dry while Nicole's had a lot of sauce =/ Pfft! Seafood was fresh but the clams were a PITA! So so so hard to remove from the shell. So much effort trying to pry it from the shell, I think the pain was showing on my face.

Nicole : I teach you la.. You just suck on the clam like this. It's very easy!
*Places shell to mouth and starts sucking*
*Chokes on clam*
Me : Er... *continues clawing at clam with spoon* lol

This is NOT a bowl of curry at a mamak =_=" This tomato based soup is actually quite yummeh! I think this is better than the clam chowder. There's only 3 types of soup, including the soup of the day. Food selection isn't very wide but hey, at least I don't have to spend 15 minutes trying to decide what to eat.

I get a very 'family feel' in this place but the individual tables are way too small/full of stuff! Nicole and I had a hard time fitting 2 plates, 2 bowls and a drink on the table.

For the original price, I wouldn't say it's cheap but there are some unique dishes to choose from. Would I go back? I don't think so.. Maybe for the soup.

Tel:              603-7831 7628
Fax:             603-7831 7688


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