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[Beauty] SkinSoul SkinShield Travelling Set Review

I've been testing out the SkinSoul SkinShield range which is developed for sensitive skin with Ashitaba from Japan and pure Swiss Glacier Water! FYI, Ashitaba has healing and regenerative properties =D

SkinSoul SkinShield Travelling Set

SkinSoul Hydra-Purifying Cleanser
I love love love this cleanser! I only need a tiny bit of this yellowish liquid and it will lather up to create lots of foam. It sufficiently cleanses all the dirt and oil from my face but never leaves my skin feeling dry nor tight.

SkinSoul Hydra-Purifying Cleanser

SkinSoul Hydra-Purifying Cleanser Lather

SkinSoul Toning, Energizing & Pore-refining Lotion
This lotion is a multipurpose one. Apart from being just a lotion, I mix it into my serum to make it less sticky. You can also add it to the Day Cream if you feel it's too thick.

Pouring SkinSoul Toning, Energizing & Pore-refining Lotion on cotton

Use with a cotton pad to lightly exfoliate and remove any residual dirt =D

Using SkinSoul Toning, Energizing & Pore-refining Lotion

SkinSoul Lift & Bright Serum
This serum is actually watery but can feel a tad sticky even after being patted in. However, my skin immediately feels and looks much more hydrated. To counter the stickiness, add the lotion to it. The serum is formulated with smaller Ashitaba anti-ageing essence molecules to penetrate into deep skin layers.

SkinSoul Lift & Bright Serum

SkinSoul Lift & Bright Serum review

SkinSoul Night Cream
Surprisingly very light and not sticky at all despite looking thick. It doesn't take long to massage in and you won't even feel it on your skin. It contains encapsulated retinol that is slowly released throughout the night for constant skin reconditioning.

SkinSoul Night Cream

Results after 2 weeks
The first thing I noticed was that my blackheads and whiteheads have drastically decreased!! Even the stubborn ones on my chin are barely there now. As for my nose, they've become much easier to extract as the blackheads 'shoot out' with minimal pressure.

SkinSoul SkinShield Travelling Set Review

Overall, blemishes have decreased and scars have lightened. I must note that I was also consuming C-Jello at this point.

Before and after using SkinSoul SkinShield

SkinSoul 12-in-1 Suncare Day Cream
This 12-in-1 product acts as a skincare, sun protection and makeup with various benefits:
  • Hydrates and protects skin
  • Unifies complexion
  • Whitens and brightens skin
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Conceals and corrects blemishes
  • Fights the signs of ageing
  • Protects skin from UV rays
  • Promotes natural skin health
  • Soothes skin irritation from environmental stress
  • Fights off damaging free radicals
  • Stimulates skin rejuvenation
  • Nourishes skin for a youthful radiance

Honestly, I would have appreciated a separate moisturizer and sunblock since I need to apply more moisturizer on my dry skin but less tinted sunblock.

The Day Cream is rather thick so I need to dab it all over before I smoothen it out. I was informed that the lotion can be added to water it down but I prefer it without the lotion.

Despite using only a thin layer, the result is awesome! My skin instantly looks healthier and brighter, with a more even skin tone. I don't even apply concealer or foundation after it.

I love how SkinSoul SkinShield makes my face glow in such a pretty way like the Koreans!

I must admit that the price is higher than what I would usually pay but hey you get what you pay for right? The quality is good and worth the investment.

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Price: RM 500
Made in Korea


** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. Interesting product. Does it last? Or constant application is required?

  2. I'm using their travel set too! Nice and easy to apply, can get flawless skin too! Gonna bring it outstation next time :D

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