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[Food] OIC Cafe & Buffet Steamboat

Was at OIC Cafe & Buffet Steamboat with le Bf and friends for dinner. The pots here are strangely square instead of round and are divided into two sides. We opted for clear soup and tom yum soup which turned out to be super spicy. They even have these cute lil baskets to cook small foodstuff so you won't lose them in the soup.

This place is divided into two floors. There is a cafe downstairs and a steamboat buffet area upstairs. The area is really big and comfortable with air conditioner and a play area for kids. We did not feel stuffy at all even though it was indoors.

Started off with a plate of oysters. These are usually risky but they turned out to be fresh and yummy, especially with some lemon juice on top. The others took the oysters with the wide array of sauces and condiments which had its own counter.

We grabbed lots of seafood including clams, mussels (both with and without shell), oysters without shell (the ones in the photo above were better), squid, fish and even crabs. Everything we took was fresh.

After seafood, the mushroom section was my second most visited as I simply love mushrooms! I go mushroom-crazy at steamboat buffets =x I was delighted that they provided so many different kinds. Our soup was also filled with an assortment of fishballs, meat slices, ‘fu chuk’ and vegetables. I did not grab any seaweed this time as le Bf complained that it will make the whole soup purple and pollute the taste LOL okay.jpeg

While waiting for the seafood to cook, you can get some of the ready cooked food. The chicken wings was quite popular at my table but some parts were a little too burnt. For the kids, don’t worry as there are cooked nuggets and potato wedges.

Apart from free flow of food, there were also various beverages available and coffee machines. There was a freezer with 8 ice-cream flavours and a small counter for toppings which included jelly beans, marshmallows, chocolate syrup and more. This was undoubtedly the kids’ favourite area. I also saw a mashed potato machine just like the ones at cinemas!

Address: 45, Jalan PJU 1/32, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Contact number: 03-78871632

Price: RM 30+ per person, kids below 110cm dine for free


  1. The oysters. OMG looks so fresh and yummy. Read two posts about steamboat place today, make me crave to go for one. huhuhuhu

  2. Having the small baskets to "hold" the stuff while cooking sounds great, especially when I wanna have those meat half cooked hahah

  3. Price is affordable.. well priced and love the selection of seafood... sounds like a great place to go check out...

  4. Wah! for RM30+ I can have such a big oysters and prawns so worth it. Must go with my family. Thanks for the infor.

  5. a seafood lover like me must come to this place! i can't wait to try their oysters! :D

  6. For RM30+ thats reasonable! Im gonna bring my family there one of these days

  7. Perhaps I should give this restaurant a go, the foods really look delicious :)

  8. I didn't know OIC is a chain of restaurants. There are two in Ipoh, if I am not mistaken.

  9. Whoa the price is really quite affordable. Especially with the variety of seafood provided as well. Awesome recommendation dear :)

  10. Everything looks so fresh! And the price is absolutely reasonable! Let's steamboat!

  11. i think is a crazy place for seafood lover!
    i saw the oyster, so fresh n juicy!


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