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Himalaya Herbals Almond & Cucumber Peel-Off Mask

I rarely use peel off masks as my skin is sensitive towards them. It's kinda painful, causes redness and my skin is left feeling tight, dry and itchy =( But it does work to unclog pores and remove some fine facial hair (some of my 'blackheads' are actually hair!).

"Peels away blemishes"

Boy, would I like to see that!

Looks like booger on my wall =_=" The mask was kinda watery.. As I was trying to capture a shot of it on my finger, it started 'moving' and was about to drip on my camera so in my panic, obviously I tried to save my camera by moving my hand away and it ended up on my wall =/

It spreads easily on my face though. I just use my finger and wait for it to dry then peel it off. NEVER use a brush or you'll have to throw it away after that. Or.. wipe it with a tissue or else you'll just have tissue stuck on your finger.

Spread it evenly on face in a THIN LAYER (thick layer will take forever to dry and you can't peel it while wet), avoiding eye/lip region (it's darn painful), hair lines & dry areas.

Make weird face in camera before your face gets too stiff.

Do not wait too long before peeling it off. In my experience, when it's really really dry, it hurts more T_T

Not gonna show you a photo of the 'peel' cos that's kinda gross lol It really got a lot of my facial hair and some clogged pores *amuses self by scrutinizing the mask and looking at all the stuff stuck in it* It's really weird that I can stare and stare at it with a sense of accomplishment =/ Am I the only one?

Product says : Unclogs pores. Peels away blemishes to leave healthy, glowing skin. Tones, nourishes and firms up skin.
Ingredients : Pineapple, Almond, Cucumber, Indian Gooseberry, Aqua, Polyvinyl alcohol, Polymetha acrylate, Propylene glycol, Methyl paraben, Titanium dioxide, Xantham gum, Propyl paraben, Dimethicone, Fragrance.
Size : 150 ml / 5.3 fl oz
Bought from : Guardian
Made in India

Pros : Unclogs pores, removes fine facial hair
Cons : Irritates my skin, painful to remove

My conclusion : Will not repurchase. It's not that great anyway and it smells weird even though it hasn't expired yet.


  1. lol me too~ I always stare at the stuff stuck at peel off mask.. and i 'oohhh' in awe when i saw really big ones.. -__-"

  2. angelvalerie198505 December, 2011 12:13

    Intended to visit Chilla Cup just now but hahaha... got distracted and ended up in Coffee Bean for a lousy Mocha. Hahaha.

    Peel-off mask often doesn't work for me and as much as I hate it, well, all the promised 'deeds' on the packaging are craps - no pore-tigtening, no lightening, no anti-wrinkle or anything - best way, drink a lot of water and sleep early. Well, doesn't work on me too. Hahahahaha.

    Anyway, oiks... I'm gonna go to Singapore, wanna tag along? Hahaha. Can't wait to have gossip session with you! Been wanting to ask you out but it always seem I have something to hold me back due to unpredictable schedule!

  3. lol!  I don't believe all those things about masks.. I only use them for brightening and hydrating. when it's hydrated, skin will be plumper, less oily( then smaller pores?) and glows. so I only focus on hydration.
    sleep early, eat healthy, drink water, exercise, be happy lol Too complicated!
    Actually, I've never been out of the country before. o.0 Don't think my parents would be very open about it=/

  4. Hahaha! Yeeaaa and wonder if that was really in my skin before that. Yuck!

  5. omg i ALWAYS stare at the stuff that comes off from using peel off masks. it's just sooo amusing lol & really gross at the same time. it does kinda look boogery HAHA


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