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Pommes Frites, Sunway Pyramid

Being in a mood for pasta, Nicole & I headed to Pommes Frites in Asian Avenue, Sunway Pyramid. Apparently, Pommes Frites means french fries. We, being pastarians, did not try their fries =_="

Strange alien chairs which caught my eye.

Interesting but totally inconvenient menu due to it's weight. Imagine a table of 4 people, holding 4 of these =_=" I wonder if it fell on anyone yet.

Nicole had the menu as an appetizer.

If you do not see a photo below, it means Nicole got mad and deleted it =x

This came with prawns, squid and clams. I wanted to add on mussels but it was RM 4 for 2 pieces. Seafood's fresh and I like the chunks of tomato. I found the sauce to be different though. I didn't like it at first but kinda got used to it. There's tomato chunks and black pepper in it.

Containing garlic, chilli flakes, prawns, squid & clams, this pasta would deter vampires! The one at Pizza Milano has more seafood but I prefer the seafood here. Oh yeah, this is already with additional RM 4 worth of prawns (4 prawns instead of 2 on mine) so this plate was RM 15.90.

I think pasta here is reasonably priced for the portion and contents. Taste is okay too. Next time I'll remember to try the fries lol

Just don't order extra stuff!!

They also have cream based pastas, baked pastas and vegetarian pastas. Here's the choices of pastas they have.

Btw, how do I stop Facebook from writing 'OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA' as the photo description?!?! =_=" So annoying..

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