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Reese's Pieces Mega Balm

I'm sure you're all familiar with lip balms but what about MEGA balms? And one from Hershey's? 

Got these from Supermodel's Secrets for 50% off (RM 8 instead of RM 16) through Everyday coupons. They arrived fast with some extra goodies (some not shown here) ^_^ Michelle is sweeter than this lip balm xD

It's like chocolate in a tube that you smear on your lips @_@! However... It is not meant to be eaten as food! It's alright to lick your lips but not to eat a few tubes for lunch (diet plan gone wrong?).

The balm inside is brownish and kinda looks like choco. At first it felt a lil waxy but it soon softened up. In fact, it crumbled a little =(

This lip balm smells like chocolate!! Some find it too sweet but I like it. It smells alright on my lips..

Yes, I can cover both lips in one swipe lol That's how big this lip balm is. The best part? It's sweet! Omg.. *licks lips* Perfect for girls with chocolate cravings ^_^

One main concern about a 'chocolate lip balm' : Will it look like I ate a chocolate bar and forgot to wipe my mouth? Well, as you can see in the swatch below, it's a sheer reddish brown. I don't see any difference on my lips though. I guess it's quite similar to my natural lip colour.

Moisturizing effect is not superb but I do enjoy using this =) Plus, you can now declare that your kisses are sweet xP

Ingredients :Oleyl Alcohol, Petrolatum, Microcrystalline Wax, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Paraffin, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Lanolin, Sodium Saccharin, Fragrance/Parfum.
Size : 0.58 oz / 16.5 g
Price : RM 8 (originally RM 16)
Bought from : Supermodel's Secrets
Made in Taiwan

Pros : Really big, unique, smells like chocolate, tastes sweet, cheap for the size
Cons : Hard to find locally (if not from SS)

My conclusion : Will I repurchase this? Well, it's so big that I'm not sure when I'm gonna finish it but I guess it's worth purchasing if you love fun lip balms and you love chocolate!


  1. aaaaaaah I WANT this lipbalm omg! CHOCOLATE XDDD~~~ does it smells like vaseline cocoa butter? I wonder XD

  2. I have not tried vaseline cocoa butter so I have no idea.. But it smells awesome though xD
    Subject: [sugarcoatedmuffin] Re: Sugar Coated Muffin: Reese's Pieces Mega Balm

  3. RM8 is super super cheap leh!! I really wanna buy it now but I have so many lip balms! Seriously I don't think I've ever finished a single tube of lip balm.

    Oooooo I have lip balm craving after your blog post!! =P

    ♡ M.May

  4. Hehehe... That's what I thought.. but I've somehow managed to finish a few in my life xD Its a miracle..!

  5. i can almost smell it! :) that's such a good buy too! i think it looks natural on you and i bet it smells soooo yummy!

  6. oh Yes it does! *sniffs lip balm* If Im not mistaken, 400 pieces (this and other variants) were sold!


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