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NOTD : Green Gradient Polka Dots

Honestly, this is a 'borrowed' design lol I saw a similar design from a blog but I don't recall which. I remember it had a gray base and the dots were also placed diagonally and were different shades of green. I considered using blue or pink but I somehow had a craving for green polish =/ The darker green & yellow were quite useless if I apply them on the whole nail but they turned out good as dots.

Left my base clear which looks kinda strange but interesting xD The good thing about not using base colour? The regrowth is not noticeable! Which means you can keep your manicure on longer. Yay~

Night market, The Face Shop, night market, Sally Hansen, night market

I used 5 different polishes but the thumbs could use an extra dark one but I got too lazy and didn't wanna use black (don't have a darker green). This is actually one of those 'looks complicated but is actually darn easy' designs. MUST do this in other colours in the future! Wheee~~

Dots were done using the biggest dotting tool in this set.

I think I should put more effort into my nails or STOP buying nail polishes =/


  1. Omg this is so cute!
    I'm trying to get better at nails I just bought a dotting tool xD

  2. Yay! I usually only use the biggest one since Im too lazy to do small designs x.x

  3. Love your long nails! I need to by more nail polish myself, but I'm afraid that'd start an addiction... another one. Haha!

    Chrissy @ Cosmetic Fixation

  4. Well, I wouldnt say its a BAD addiction.. xD

  5. Well, I wouldnt say its a BAD addiction.. xD

  6. I love dots dots =X Especially colorful polka dots~
    I will buy a nail tool dot set soon ^^


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