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2011 Favourites

I shall end 2011 with a list of my favourites this year.
Great product to reduce and remove pimple scars.



MagicColour contact lenses (click on pics to view respective reviews)
My favourite brand of contact lenses! Have a small stash of these in various colours and designs. Can't wait to try them all~

This is my go to blusher when I work because it gives such a lovely natural colour plus it's long lasting and pigmented. Great when you don't have time to touch up.

I know not everyone can draw their eyebrows but this makes it so much easier even for makeup newbies. If I have enough time to do anything more than concealer, this will be the next step.

So many eyeliners out there with different looks, tips, formulas and colours but this is the one that suits me the best! ^_^

Cursed with dry lips for my whole life, I've climbed mountains and swam across oceans to search for a magical lipbalm that can end this curse. And finally... I found THIS. Hidden in a locked chest in a high tower guarded by fire breathing dragons. They couldn't stand the sight of my chapped lips and let me through. Yay..~

I always carry 3 lip products with me when I go out : a lip balm, a lipstick and a gloss. I'm gonna cheat and put this under lipstick due to it's colour lol I don't usually like lipsticks but this is natural looking and moisturizing.

Go to lip product for work (moisturizing & long lasting) and almost always with me (1 of the 3 lip products mentioned above).

Maybelline Makeup Remover
Just love this..

Even though I wear falsies way more now, I use this on my lower lashes.

My Beauty Diary Masks (Click on photos for respective reviews)
Generally, I like all MBD masks but these are my favs!

Great to set concealers/foundations. Makes skin appear smoother and just gives a very nice look even though it's translucent.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
No matter what nail polish I apply, this HAS to go on top ^_^

Crystal nail files
Not necessarily from Nail Tek but this is my first one..

Most of the above are on my repurchase list but with the number of new products coming out, I do wonder if they will still be my favourites by the end of 2012.

Anyway, hope you're all having a blast on the last day of 2011!


  1. I just got the Seche Vite and I love it to death.. best top coat i've ever used~

  2. lovely favorites!!:) do check out my 2011 favs as well!! xx

  3. oh my, thanks for sharing your fav list...I think I need to get my hand over the scar serum...=)

  4. The blusher is so pretty yet cheap! I would like to purchase it too! Can you provide the link? ^^


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