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Cafe Nicole Le Vina

is where... I had this plate of spaghetti + angel hair + shitake mushroom + sausage + crabstick + melted cheese.

And... Survived! xD I wondered if I was lucky or UNlucky to be able to taste Nicole's cooking but after the exclusive tasting session, I did not have a stomach ache, food poisoning or nausea so.. I'll consider myself lucky =x

Then off we went to Sunway Pyramid for a haircut. Location : A-Saloon (near Asian Avenue, Maybank & Chatime).

Cut/Hair Wash by Creative Stylist is only RM 38 but he/she wasn't in so we opted for senior cut instead. Since I was only trimming my fringe, it only cost me RM 10 but I'm not very satisfied with it as when I combed my fringe later on, I discovered some long strands which should have been cut. Also, she kept pushing me to get a hair treatment even though I already refused a few times =_="

Nicole's cut was good though..

While waiting for Nicole to be done.. I went for a walk in Asian Avenue and picked up some hairbands. This used to be one of my fav places in Pyramid but it's pretty blah now..

And we later went to get earrings for her new hair style at Zing (4 for RM10 ones!). I ended up buying 3 and she only got 1 wth.. God knows why I keep buying accessories when I don't wear any.. =/

Sometimes I wish people around me would dress up more so it would motivate me to do so as well xD


  1. lol apa time i add rat poison!

  2. haha, u girls are funny.XD hey, Isabel, i want to email u about something. ~ but maybe later tonight.


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