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Snowflakes, My Honeymoon & ZenQ

Since we are on the topics of desserts, I would like to show you the cupcakes my aunt made for Raya.When she took it out, all of us made a =O face cos it's just so darn pretty!! It's chocolate cupcakes with marshmallows and pink sugar.

Moving on.. Snowflakes at Kota Damansara. I ordered their best seller (grass jelly & taro balls on ice) RM 6.80. This is not bad.. But a bit too much ice. The taro balls are at a good level of chewiness and taste ^_^ I'm not sure if they're different but I seem to prefer the white ones.. Lol

Nicole's Tau Fu Fa with 3 other ingredients RM 6.50. The tau fu fa is so soft and smooth.. x_X

Then we hopped over to My Honeymoon which is just a few doors away =_=" Chatime & Hongkong Dessert are right across too wth.. Btw, only the guys ate cos Nicole & I were too stuffed from Snowflake.

My Honeymoon has the oddest logo.. (top left corner)

A36 Nata-de Coco Soy Bean Curd RM 6. Not bad..

Tofu Ice RM 6. Add on RM 1 for waffle. So worth it! The tofu ice is quite nice also..

It's ice..
But it tastes like tofu!

Lastly, ZenQ at Sunway Pyramid.

ZenQ Jelly Milk Tea RM 5.90 - Like the jelly! I prefer the Milk Tea at Chatime though.. As it has more 'tea taste' and also Chatime cups are see through which add to the fun factor xD

Plum Tomato Juice RM 5.90 - Nicole liked this but I certainly didn't. Tomato is a food to me. Somehow sucking it through a straw feels repulsive. It tastes just like tomato but with a hint of sweetness.

Menu~ Sorry it's blur.. Lighting at ZenQ is horrid!

* I dislike something though.. You gotta collect your order from the counter and the guy shouts it out in Mandarin =_= Dude.. Bananas like me take 9521737 seconds to process what you're saying. Try English next time..

I think I've had enough desserts for a while now.. lol..


  1. lol..what?? at zenq they shout it in mandarin?? XD I wanna try their signature dish! if it's in mandarin, I wouldn't be able to understand it either..

  2. YEA! =_=" He shouted it for like twice or thrice then I stared at Nicole LOL I wasn't sure if it was our number.

  3. Gah. @_@ So. Much. FOOODDD. <33 Taro balls, are like, my favourite ever. (I was always weirded out by them, and only tried them a year or two ago, but now I get them whenever they can.... which is rare here in the US.

    Anyway, those cupcakes look ~ magical ~. <3 _ <3

    Just... everything looks so tasty. I think I'm going to go eat leftovers now that you have made me hungry. Haha.

  4. Yeah.. People here love food so we have a lot of it LOL


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