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"Can fit or not wor....??"

"Can.. Just put it in!", I replied, determined to stick with my choice.

*Clearance sale detail at bottom of this post

I'm not going to use a plastic bag today!

This was what went through my mind as I stuffed shampoos, conditioner, hair serum, body lotion, masks and a contact lens solution into my pink eco canvas tote. I ignored the raised eyebrow from my mum and smiled triumphantly as I chucked the last item into the bag.

*I'm pretty sure I had more items inside on that day

I try not to use plastic bags when I can avoid it but sometimes I'm not sure if my thin reusable bag can handle the weight. However, I trusted the sturdy 100% non bleached canvas fabric with my haul.

I'm a proud owner of one in the Fuchsia Pony design.

The 100% cotton checkered lining inside is as pretty as the outside! There's a pocket for smaller items as well.

This is my shopping companion but you can actually use this to hold books, folders, lap tops etc. No wet, stinky or fishy items for me though! It's too pretty for that.. xP But in case your tote DOES come in contact with any of those, fret not as it's washable!

Let's save the environment.. One bag at a time!

And to save your wallet at the same time.. They're having a clearance sale~~

So many designs to choose from!

I have one of these organizers and it's VERY useful. I can take out my stuff without even looking into my bag as there's a specific place for each of them. No more clutter in my bag and I can change handbags in seconds! One of the best inventions for females everrrr lol There's even a clip for your keys so you don't fumble in your bag looking for them.

Get a canvas tote + bag organizer + shipping for RM 70 only?! The tote itself is already RM 68 so this is a deal you shouldn't miss!~

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