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Cheong K for only RM 6 @ Loudspeaker

I'm not a fan of karaoke but thought this deserves a mention cos of the

*Photos without watermark are from Loudspeaker website

It actually looks quite good.. Not what you expect for the price, huh? It's not some dark dodgy place filled with smoke and hookers. There's even a lift complete with someone to open the lift door for you! =_=" I went to the Kota Damansara branch, btw.

There's a touch screen (which is kinda blocking the way, actually.. Since we were placed in a small room) for song selections. IMO, the songs available weren't that great. More choices would have been better. And preferably more up to date songs? I have not even heard of a big portion of them..

Each person is entitled to 2 drinks except for Noon K & if you took the half/promo price.

I was starving so I ordered this delicious looking Spaghetti Bolognese for RM 12.90.

And.. I got this..

Not even a tiny sprinkle of green or cheese? I think I lost my appetite just looking at it. It didn't taste like RM 12.90 either. I would so choose the aglio olio seafood at Pizza Milano over this any day! But not entirely their fault.. The guy DID recommend the chicken chop but I ignored it cos I'm a pasta person. Pfft..

For the price list, click HERE. The maximum charge is only RM 28!
Conclusion : Go for the cheap price and to scream your lungs out, not the food.

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