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Kedah Penang Trip

So glad I went on this trip with my friends as it turned out to be really fun ^_^ Had an awesome time! Now.. Proceed and be spammed with photos! xD

First we went to Sungai Petani, Kedah to visit a classmate. We also stayed at her house and kinda invaded it =x

Here's a pic of bare faced me before someone says I never leave my house without makeup lol I didn't want to travel there with makeup on and make it uneasy for me to sleep in the car (mascara smudges, foundation transferring to clothes, smearing lipstick etc =_=)

Went to this uber cool park in Kedah =_= It's so spacious and has eagles, rabbits, chicken and deers! Like a mini petting zoo man.. Sumore there used to be zebras as well!!! How come we don't have this in PJ!! And I mean free entry park, not the ones you have to pay!

Was chasing after the deer for this shot =_=

Spotted Avatar tree and ran there to take a photo even though there was a Malay couple pak tor there *lamp post*

Ahh.. Looks like we're at the beach already xD

A sad sad tree..

We had dinner at a food court and got a shock cos the food is much cheaper than in PJ.

Mee Jawa

Wan Tan Mee

Ais Kacang! Yum yum..

Off to the mall for some shopping and a movie (but the cinema was closed). I got 2 dresses there ^_^

The next morning, friend's mum made idly + chutney + Milo for us. So nice.. =)

The idly is so darn cute!!! Like a tiny pillow x_X

On my wish list : Full length mirror lol

Went for my classmate's sister's wedding. My first Indian wedding! Couldn't stop staring at all the pretty saris =_=

So while the ceremony was going on.. We took the opportunity to take selcas lol


And off we went to Penang!

First bowl of laksa at a shop along Gurney Drive.. If you didn't know.. Penang Laksa is famous lol

Friend ordered prawn mee which was so spicy


Some assorted seafood thingy..

The thing they put into the crab shell looks good but was dam hard to take out =_=

Thought the octopus was cute lol

Dearest mummy and daddy who drove us all the way to Kedah and Penang =x

Not a very nice view of the sea but first shot I got of it.

First camwhore shot in Penang lol It was so hot and sunny x_X

Stayed in Mum's cousin's apartment in Gurney which was so dam nice x_X At this point I was beginning to wonder.. Am I the only one without a full length mirror?!

We wasted no time and went to the beach in Batu Feringgi by taxi (RM 25 fixed price). A man opened the taxi door for me and welcomed us to the beach like VIPS @_@ Then we later found out that he works at one of the 'games stations' where they offer para sailing, banana boat, water sports, Viper, Storm etc.

Can see someone para sailing here.

We told him we didn't bring towels or extra clothes so the guy said "Storm no wet". After some discussion, we decided to go for the 'Storm' which is basically a big float for 3 people that is pulled by a motorboat. We sat down to discuss and I asked him if it could be cheaper cos it's RM35 per person.

Me : Storm no cheaper?
Him : Storm???? Now no storm!! Storm in December..!
Us : WTH?!

Then we had to explain to him what the Storm is. Felt like the roles were reversed =_= Can't believe he didn't even realize the name of the ride is 'Storm' even though it's stated clearly on the board =_=

So after pulling the price down to RM20 per person, we accepted the deal. The guy suggested us to bring a camera out of the locker so he could take our photos after the ride. He just wrapped it in a plastic bag and put it around my friend's wrist. Considering the 'no wet', we thought it'll be okay..

If you look properly at the photo below, there aren't any safety belts or anything. Just two handles to hold on to. We're still smiling here cos we still don't know what we signed up for.

Well, the ride was really bumpy and we got majorly soaked, with sea water in our eyes and mouths. I think a big portion of the time was spent rubbing my eyes and spitting salty water out of my mouth =_= Then when we finally reached shore, the boss of the stall asked us "why did you bring your camera?!" =_= Didn't even wanna say anything already... But overall, the ride was really fun. Just wish we had goggles on lol and extra clothes =/

Tried to do the jumping in the air shot ~.~

Being a sun avoider, I surprised myself o_O I had sunblock on but I knew it wouldn't really help. I guess I kinda expected myself to hide under a tree the entire day lol

Had dinner there at the food court. I ordered prawn noodle, which contained 7 mini prawns =_=

Char Hor Fun

Fried springroll RM 6

We bunch of stupid people who went to the beach without towels or extra clothes =_= And even stupid-er was that I was wearing makeup straight from the wedding earlier. Yay for waterproof makeup!

Then we proceeded to walk in the night market and look around at the stalls. I got myself a sunnies case for RM 6.

So that's the end of Day 2. I'll leave Day 3 & 4 for another post cos there's a lot of photos =_=


  1. o0o0o... all the yummy lookin food! yum, yum, yum! i miss penang!

  2. Is that laksa in Penang good? I know good laksa in Penang is in Ayer Itam near Kek Lok Si or the roundabaout.


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