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Kedah Penang Trip Part 2

Right.. Continuing yesterday's post lol Saturday's plan was to go around Penang and visit places. We were supposed to catch the bus so while waiting for the bus...

Yup.. You guessed it lol!

We ended up taking a cab to Penang Hill though =_= RM 20 only (gave us discount). 

For the tram up Penang Hill, the prices are (hopefully remembered correctly) :
With Mykad
Adult : RM 8
Children, Student, Senior Citizens : RM 4
Disabled people : FOC

Without Mykad (foreigners)
Adult : RM30
Children, Student, Senior Citizens : RM15
Disabled people : FOC

The tram itself is quite comfy with seats and handles in the middle. It's air conditioned so no worries..

At the top, you can look down at Penang and see the bridge. The air is fresh and cooler ^_^ Quite windy too.

At the top there's a kuil and a mosque.

Pretending to lift the cannon lols

A botanical garden & aviary is located beside the hotel. I didn't enter so no pics.

This is where.. You can buy ice cream lol! RM 2 per scoop. I think this is a standard price as I saw the same price in a few other places.

Cool spirally thingy.. Lols!

Can you believe this was the old tram?!

Oops! Caught on camera =_=

Next location was Kek Lok Si temple but we decided to stop by a food court for lunch first. The laksa stall across the road looked dam busy (hint that it's good) so we decided to try it. Waited half an hour for it =_= Wasn't even that good sumore. Pfft...

It's located right under the sign board, beside a sugar cane stall.

We had to climb up steps to reach Kek Lok Si and the alley was strewn with stalls and it was quite cramp. So many people stopping there to browse the goods and blocking the way =_= If you're really claustrophobic, I wouldn't suggest you walk up lol

We reached in the end and was greeted by a pagoda with tonnes of tortoises under it. Just in case you're wondering, there are washrooms and a vegetarian restaurant here lol

A little further away, there's a souvenir shop and you can choose to take the lift up to see the giant Guan Yin statue at RM 4 (up and return). The money goes to renovating the temple.

Believe me.. This statue is HUGE! Here, you can pray, donate or hang your wishes on the 'wishing tree' which is a small man made branched thingy.

From Kek Lok Si, we took a bus to the Jetty and boarded the free CAT Shuttle bus, which goes around the area.

First stop at Fort Cornwallis. Entrance fee RM 2 open daily from 9am - 7pm.

It would be nice to have a photoshoot here..

Chapel where the first wedding was held. Photo was edited but it's really dam creepy to the max. I didn't even dare to go in lol

Even though my friend was welcoming us in.. =_=

Same tree I saw earlier, from a different view. I seem to have taken quite a few photos of trees during this trip o_O

Francis Light's lighthouse xD

Lol posing with the big cannon.

Then we hopped on the bus again and went to eat... Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendol lols So many people crowding around it. Everyone's eating while standing as there are no tables and chairs. At RM 1.90 a bowl, it's quite tasty ^_^

Even Phua Chu Kang ate here!

Right across the road, there's a stall with a similar name except without the 'Teochew' word. Needless to say.. It was quite obvious who's the real famous one =_=

Off we went to Perangin Mall for a lil shopping. We didn't get anything there though. But it was definitely nicer (and cheaper) to shop there compared to Gurney Plaza.

Dinner at the food court at Gurney Drive (at the small roundabout).

My fried oyster, RM 6 (smallest size). If I'm not mistaken, it's from stall number 31, beside the satay stall. Dam salty!

Third bowl of laksa lol RM 3.50. This was the most plain one compared to the other two. Bought from the stall beside the char kuey teow stall where a lot of people were queuing up. I think the number is about 77 or 88.

Char Kuey Kok

Char Kuey Teow with Duck Egg which my friend was so excited about but it fell below our expectations =_=


Are you feeling hungry after looking at all the food pictures? Well, good news for Penang people! Now you can get this deal for 2 at 62% off!


Gurney Drive on a Saturday night is quite happening. There's a lot of people, stalls and artists drawing caricatures.

Loving this big big mirror lol

Walked out to Pulau Tikus (which is not even an island, btw) for breakfast. Had tom yam mee.

Koay Chap

Went to a nearby temple.

I think this temple is dam beautiful cos it's so golden @_@

And the carvings..

Little statues all over, bearing the names of the donors

Money tree! People clip money onto this tree as donation.

Then there was a festival parade. The ladies were walking in towards the altar passing the goddess from one person to another.

Another part of the temple was filled with marble stuff. All these were slowly carved out from marble!

The grand pillars~

That's the temple where the god of good luck is. Apparently, during exam period, students will bring their examination schedule here and pray lol

There's this rotating this with pots labeled success, higher education, family etc. You're supposed to throw coins in and aim for the one you want lol

Last photo of the trip..

Ahh.. That was a mighty lot of photos LOL I spent approximately RM 170 including RM 70 for shopping during the 4 days 3 nights so it's actually quite cheap! We didn't have to pay for accommodation and bus though (from KL to Kedah).

Things I've learnt from this trip.
1. Bring a friend who's familiar with the place or do thorough research.
2. Bring an umbrella (it rained while we were walking a few times).
3. Bring extra clothes cos it's freaking hot and humid.
4. Bring towel and clothes to the beach =_=
5. Don't trust strange Thai guys, especially when they tell you that a water sport isn't going to get you wet.
6. Sunblock. 'Nuff said.
7. Bring battery charger or extra batteries that work

I guess that's all for now.. Usual posting will resume soon =)


  1. LOL-ed that the rotating altar thingie..XD Oh and random Thai guy..=P Lots of yummy food pictures.. now I feel like some noodles! *salivating* you didn't eat pasembur (dunno whether I'm spelling it right or not) or nasi kandar? my sis can't stop promoting these two while she was studying in Penang a few years back..

  2. Omg.. You actually know what's that and I have not even heard of it until my friend asked during the trip =_= Isit that fruit rojak thingy? I don't actually like rojak so no.. I didn't try it lol And we have nasi kandar here so I'll rather try more 'Penang food' xD

  3. lovely blog you got ur pics ♥

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