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My Beauty Diary White Truffle Fantastic Whitening Mask

Yayyy! Finally tried my first My Beauty Diary Premium mask ^_^

Fantastic Whitening Mask

Did you see that?! Lol.. After my visit to the beach I got darker (somehow only my face and my neck remained fair dammit) so a fantastic whitening mask would be great! xD

Hahaha.. The packaging is so darn cute btw ^_^

If you don't know what a white truffle is, here's a photo. Looks kinda like a deformed potato but it's actually a mushroom that is found underground. You just add a bit of the truffle into your dish and it adds taste to it. Only a small bit is needed as it's strong. Truffles are said to be good for health as they are a good source of protein, low-fat and cholesterol free. However, since these aren't really consumed in big amounts (read : expensive), I don't think those really matter unless you're too rich =_=

luca manieri -

I don't know how to describe the smell of this mask to you. It's not floral, smells kinda sweet but not candy sweet. The scent is light and refreshing.

When I took out the sheet, I felt a bit weird cos it was a little yellowish and crumpled at some spots, not how MBD masks usually are. If I didn't get this from Nicole when she was promoting at Guardian, I would have suspected this to be a fake mask lol What's odd is that I felt that the normal range was a better fit for my face. This 1 dried faster too.

After 20 minutes, my face was brightened and firmer. Not too much on the moisturizing side though. Which is odd since this is already the upgraded version (moisturizing sheet). Can't see much from the photo but the brightening effect is there. My face doesn't look so dull after using this mask.

Overall, I'm not too impressed since premium masks cost more than the normal range masks. It's not moisturizing enough for me and I don't get that 'hydrated feel'. I'll rather stick with the normal ones =/

Size : 30 g
Bought from : Guardian (free gift)
Made in Taiwan

Pros : Nice light scent, brightening
Cons : Not moisturizing enough, sheet dries fast

My conclusion : Will not repurchase at normal price. I don't feel that it's better than the normal range even though it's a premium mask.

** Product was a free gift with purchase. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. LOLOL truffles are expensive ): (and i only knew this cause i played Harvest Moon on the PS2 and they only have like, ONE truffle per day which costs like 600g HAHAH)

    and i think it made your face fairer cause as you can see from the after photos, the place where you left the mask on is whiter/brighter. :D (look at your lip and eye area, they seem to look a bit darker cause you the mask wasnt on it) :D

    oh and btw, question. do people wear contact lenses when they put masks on? @.@ hahah, cause i have noooooo idea.

  2. oohh..the packaging never cease to amuse me.. =D And your skin did look brighter in the photos. ^^

  3. Yeah.. Makes me wonder if there's even any in this mask LOL Harvest Moon.. Who says games are bad? I definitely learned a lot from them xD

    It could have been lighting though.. But IRL there's a noticeable difference ^_^

    I'm not sure.. I think it's a personal preference lol If I don't wear my contacts, I'll have to wear my glasses on top of my mask and it gets wet. Usually just wear my glasses though. I do prefer wearing contacts if I'm taking photos for my blog cos I'm almost blind without them =_=

  4. Thank you so much for the detailed review!! I'm a mask noob so it's so great to hear what people say about them. I'm thinking of trying the my beauty diary birds nest mask, you know it?

  5. I think you have a very nice natural tan! I've never tried this mask before but the pacakaging is so cute!

  6. @ Chococcuro
    I have that mask but haven't gotten around to trying it yet. Will post a review when I do ^_^

    @ Jen
    I wouldn't mind so much if the rest of my body tanned along with my face! x_X


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