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A Little Love For My Nails

Thanks to Jess, I was at Starhill for some nail pampering on my birthday last Saturday ^_^ It was my first time getting a professional manicure (usually do my own nails).

Here's me with the lovely ladies, Rebecca, Jess, Sharon & Nicole. Thanks Danial for helping us take the pic =)

Ooo.. The stash~~ I spot OPI Nail Envy <3

There wasn't really a wide selection of colours at the booth itself. I chose the middle 'white' in the event palette. The other palette were gel nail selections. I just LOVE the look of the pink glitter, gold glitter, orange and red glitter x.x

Hard at work.. She used fully OPI stuff on me : base coat, polish and top coat. Application was clean and precise. She held my fingers with the perfect pressure and control. Glad to know their staff are well trained ^_^

And look what I spotted! Lol

Oh.. The joy of being a female.. xD

The end result after 2 coats. It's still pretty sheer but I like the effect. You can see a hint of pink or green, depending on the angle. Obviously, I was being dumb and didn't ask for the shade name =_=

A list of the services available~ FYI, I only had the nail lacquer application so I can't comment on the rest.

One of the promos going on.

Oh, btw.. It's really long lasting! One week after application and it still looks so pretty =)


  1. love your nails done! simple but soo chic :)

  2. oh my goodness !!! hahahaha i got to hide my face now !!

    p/s: the white color nice looks so nice on u!


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