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Random Pictures of 2010

I think the title pretty much explains it all.. Lol I'm quite reluctant to write a post with only 1 or 2 pictures so they end up collecting in my folder, just sitting there doing nothing.

1. Dried loofah. I actually have this growing in my garden. My mum grows our own vegetables and stuff.

2. Dinner at Marche, Curve. Had a chicken chop and mashed potato which were really tasty. Gravy was bad though.

3. Sheep skin (I think?) at In House.

4. One of my favourite pastas! This is at Pizza Milano @ 1 Utama. It sounds something like Aglio Olio with extra seafood. I love love love this <3 I eat it with Tabasco and it's quite reasonable at RM 10.

5. Putih in a bow tie, made for my sister's wedding photoshoot.

6. Random photos of... lamps. Lol Oh.. And they both happen to be spherical.. =/ First one is at In House, Solaris Dutamas and the 2nd is at Robot Sushi, 1 Utama.

7. Favourite nasi lemak of all time @ Village Park, Uptown! RM 7 only for ridiculously delicious nasi lemak (fat rice? lol), sambal and chicken.

 Milo dinosaur

8. Cute masks from Sasa. Bought on impulse cos too cute to resist. They sucked, btw =_= Too dry, doesn't stick to the eye and doesn't do anything!

It is currently 2.47 am so I should be getting to bed.. But I can't sleep when I'm hungry (or rather just craving for food) so... I'll make a short trip to the kitchen first =x


  1. The pasta is so cheap and looks delicious! RM10? I'm gonna check that place out someday =)
    Ohh..haha..nasi lemak (fat rice) sounds scary..=P But they're darn delicious!

  2. It certainly is, Aisyah! There was a time that I would eat it almost every time I'm in 1 Utama =_=

  3. i had that your milo dinosaur in singapore zoo. it looks exactly the same except that it was called rhino milo! :)


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