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My Little Egg Project

Okay, firstly I would like to say that 'little' in the title is referring to my project, not the egg lol

This is a handmade egg plushie for Nicole's birthday. Why egg? Cos she likes to eat eggs haha!

I wanted a larger version of this egg my sister made. Felt was RM 12/meter, purchased from Sam in Sea Park (beside Pelangi Snooker Centre).

Halfway there! Yolk sewn on separately to make sure it's puffy.

They're quite useful to poke pins and needles, actually haha

Not as big as I wanted.. Planned to make a bigger one but ran out of felt =( Curves were pretty weird too (looked like a star). Definitely needed some tweaking since the original design wasn't puffy.

I'm already working on something else for the Bf lols Will post it when I'm finished!


  1. omg the egg is so cutely made, i wish i could sew like thaat xD

  2. It's actually really simply. 90% was done using a sewing machine hahahha
    Subject: [sugarcoatedmuffin] Re: Sugar Coated Muffin: My Little Egg Project

  3. hahaahaa! SO CUTE! I was very impressed!! xD

  4. aww this is so cute! definately going to do this one of these days!
    this will be great to give as a present!!
    great blog! now following you!


    stop by my blog sometimes

  5. Yup.. Great when you don't really know what to buy xD


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