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Valentine's @ Vary Pasta

Okay so I know everyone's posting about their Valentine's night but mine is more of like a food review + a rant about an annoying woman! #&@#$&! At first I referred to her as a 'lady' on FB but I realize now that lady is not how you describe a cow.

Moving on..

Initial choice of photo together but rejected cos it's a 'big head photo'.
"but you look stunning in it though", he said.

I look stunning here too.


My usual makeup.. Nothing special. Tried applying blusher higher than usual (apparently it gives you a dolly look & helps hide undereye circles) but you can't see it here. Will reattempt with better lighting. Dress from Sungei Wang, RM 25. Le bf chose it cos he thought it was sexy. I do like the black bead detailing on neckline & sleeves but it's rather short.

Sakai : Can I have a treat now? And a scratch on my tummy?

Yes, yes you can!

I conclude.. This is my fav pose if someone points a camera at me before I start eating.

Forgot to check the prices but le Bf thinks it's RM 8.50. Moderate.. I prefer minestrone soup at Pastamania, Sungei Wang (food sucks though) or the soup at Capricciosa.

Le Bf & bread.

Le Bf & bread 2 =/

Ordered from their Special Menu. This should be about RM 35. There's like this special potato pancake at the bottom that is just so good!! It's slightly burnt to give this sorta burnt butter on toast feel. I was like 'there is no potato nicer than this'. One thing I really liked was how the chef took time to cook the vegetables well until they're soft unlike many restaurants (including Chilli's) that serve cold, hard veges that are inedible.

Bf said it's pork stuffed with pork. I dunno.. Wasn't impressed.

This is.. just wow.. Really good. You. Have. To. Order. This.
(I was wrong about the 'there is no potato better than this'. THIS is the best!)

Extra gravyyy~~

Half eaten whipped potato looks kinda gross but I wanted to show you how it looks like. I feel it's quite different from others. It's more compact and milky plus the gravy is just awesome.

This is.. my order that arrived an hour after we ordered cos they left it out and assumed I was full with a few spoonfuls of whipped potato.

Anyway, fish was super FISHY but the sauce was good so it helped. The fish was at an awkward angle so I started digging underneath and found... potato. And this potato was even better than the 2 mentioned earlier. There was a cheesy taste, mixed with the sauce and some herbs. Gosh.. Do they have a potato platter or something? xD

And this.. Is where the rant begins.

So we're sitting on the outer room of Vary Pasta where there are 3 tables, including ours. This couple sat next to the door and the woman was talking loudly the entire meal, complaining about this and that. The bf was just being super nice while she continued  to bash him up. I only heard bits and pieces of their conversation. Wasn't trying to eavesdrop but it's hard not to when she's shouting like a barbarian.

Woman : Yeah so we'll just wait 2 hours for our food right?? Huh.. So nice...
(please...everyone here is waiting but nobody is making a scene like you)

Woman : Do you know what's Whatsapp?
Man : I know what's up lah..
Woman : Dunno Whatsapp, for what you get a Galaxy Note? So stupid. Anyway he tried to 'tam' me back with a Note but I said no cos I am ANTI-SAMSUNG.

Woman : We just started out, so it's like this wan la (try saying it in Cantonese with a cocky voice : ngo di ngam ngam hoi chi, hai gam ge lah!)
I don't think she's gonna get any better with time. Dude, run while you can!

*waiter serves tiramisu cake and bf starts to cut a piece for her*
Woman : Did I ask you to serve that?!? *are you stupid face*

After that she started complaining about the cake and made the waiter exchange it.

Then she was complaining about another woman.
Woman : So what if she's pretty? I don't have outer beauty but at least I have inner beauty. I'm beautiful inside!

Overall, dinner was alright.. Complete with 'entertainment'. Even complimented her wonderful performance by giving her a stare as we walked out. Wonder if it was one of those Disaster Dates on MTV.

Anyway, do drop by Vary Pasta and taste their wonderful potato for yourself. Their mushroom soup is good too.

Address : 21 Jalan SS 22/23  Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone number : 03-7710-6100

It's near Atria and parking is in abundance after working hours. Before that, it's a nightmare.


  1. Ur bf is quite a good poser also mah :)

  2. is that her bf with her?? then who is the one who tried to "tam" her? omg... more exciting than tvb drama pls... hehehe. :) anyway, the food looks good and the dress does look fab on u! looks like you had a fun vday gathering!

  3. Yup.. I think so too xD *happy*

  4. Should be.. I thought it was le firendzoned guy but my Bf said they're together. HHAHA! I agree..

    I still find myself thinking of the potatoes! ^_^

  5.  the food looks delicious ! you two are so sweet :)

  6. Thank you~ =) I loved the potatoes! ^^

    Subject: [sugarcoatedmuffin] Re: Sugar Coated Muffin: Valentine's @ Vary Pasta

  7. ahahahahahaha..XXD that woman IS entertaining..(in the wrong way, mind you)
    I was expecting a 'Bitch please' after the statement where she said she's pretty inside, but you didn't pick on her.. lol..
    Good going on the stare before exiting.. I feel sorry for the guy. like seriously sorry..


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