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Free Egyptian Magic Cream Samples

I'm sure many of you have heard of Egyptian Magic Cream. I did try it once and didn't like it but my skin has changed quite a bit since then so perhaps it would like EMC now? Anyway, you can get some samples to try out before purchasing HERE.

Read full details on how to redeem your samples HERE. You just gotta pay an RM 3 shipping fee.


  1. I've try it before and I love it, but never think of repurchase, lol

  2. Why nott?? When I tried it, it felt like petroleum jelly, an oily mess that refused to be absorbed.

  3.  hi..Isabel...may be not suitable 4 your skin...but 4 me it really work....first time it felt oily after 2 or 3 day feel soft...and  I love skin type oily and i"m 37 yrs old.Now my skin.....better than before...I"m finish my first jar .....and I love original one...from my dealer...

    1. hi niza ,can i know where do u bought emc ..really need it now ..i hv got allergy ..hwuaa hwuaa

  4. Argh...! Must get samples and try again then! xP

  5. It's not something you should be using out-of-the-house on your face unless it's on your lips. I love this product! I use a little of it OVER my eye cream at night. In the morning, my eyes looks like I lost about 20 years!

  6. 20 years?! =O Oh my.. I must try it again once I have money to spare ^_^


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