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Traveling in Manila?

I rarely travel but I do know that a big portion of the expenses is because of the flight ticket & accommodation. You can purchase tickets earlier to get a lower price (better during travel fairs!) but what about a place to stay? I'm sure after a long day outside you just wanna go back to a soft bed and recharge for a full day tomorrow.

This is iBilik Manila, which shows a collection of many rooms located in various locations. There are rooms for rent (monthly) & short term rentals (good for vacations). The full details are listed there including rent, description, things included like air cond/internet, available dates and more. Some even have photos which I think is awesome cos I can't be there physically to look at the room so photos are great.

I spotted this nice condo there.

You can even use the pool, gym and sauna.

But who needs that when you have the beautiful ocean right there?

I see someone staying there tonight! You can refer to the calender at the bottom of the page to check availability of rooms.

I would consider this a comfy vacation to relax and unwind. If you are on a tight budget or you're staying for a few months, you can consider other rooms or a bedspace (with all of them listed there, it's so convenient and easy to compare prices). There are placess with TV & very near to several public transportation for PhP 1500 per month only.

La Victoria Residences offers studio rooms for as low as PhP 2500 per person! Equipped with wifi internet, cable TV, drinking water (Hot/Cold), local landline calls, bed/s, built-in cabinets, air conditioning, private CR, desk/table, personal ref & LCD TV, I think it's quite affordable.

Just spotted this. The site will list 'Other similar rooms' under the page! I think it recommends rooms based on the price & location, perhaps?


  1. I've never planned to go to Manila, seems fun though!! ^^

  2. wow that hotel room looks great. Will definitely keep tabs of it next time I plan a holiday back in Phils. Btw, you are so pretty and loving your blog. Definitely following you.
    But would love it if you could follow me back too :) xx

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  5. Looks beautiful there! Great blog,now following!

  6. wow thanks for the recommendation! i never been to Philippines before, looks like a good destination.


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