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I will be comparing my 3 concealers today, Maybelline Perfect Concealer (02 Natural Beige), Elf All Over Cover Stick (Rosy Beige) and NYX Eyeshadow Base (Skin Tone) which apparently is the same as the NYX concealer in a jar..

Maybelline is more pinkish then the other 2 so I don't like using it anymore as it enhances the pimples >_< I've tried using it for my undereyes but it emphasized my fine lines so I'm using Elf for that now. Because it's liquid, it also doesn't cover blemishes well. It does, however, work well as a lip concealer for me ^_^ Great to use below nude lippies that tend to seep into all those lip lines.

Elf was too fair for me but I didn't want to buy another (perhaps Honey would have been better) while I still have this and another tube. Because it's fair, I use it for my undereyes (must must must cover with foundation to avoid white patches). It becomes quite oily if used on the whole face so I don't use this for blemishes.

NYX seems to be a better match for my skin tone but I normally just use it as an eyeshadow base because it's so good. It's too precious to be used as a concealer lol

I did a little stupid test, comparing them. Drew 'pimples' on my arm, which looked more like moles =_= Maybelline had trouble covering it as it was so liquid-y. Elf was average, at least it didn't make the 'pimple' appear redder. I had to apply NYX using a brush as it's in a jar and it smudged the 'pimple' (stupid eyeliner). I think this would have covered a real pimple better than the other two due to it's ability to layer thickly without caking or fading away when blended.

I will have a separate post for the NYX Eyeshadow Base so the details below are for the Maybelline Perfect Concealer.

Price : RM 20 or less? Sorry can't remember
Bought from : Pharmacies
Pros : Wand applicator, easy to blend (almost too easy..)
Cons : Settles into fine lines on undereye, low coverage, pink toned, little choice of shades

My conclusion : Okay as a low coverage concealer but if you want more coverage, this isn't the concealer for you.


  1. This is interesting! Btw, Ive tried canmake concealer and i am quite impressed. But didnt bought coz it was RM40 plus that time no money :(

  2. Interesting "pimple" test! haha! I've only used the Maybelline one but its not that bad I guess and reasonable price too! Great comparison :)

  3. @ Nicole
    I'm itching to try canmake stuff but RM 40 for a concealer is out of my budget atm T_T Maybe next time.. lol

    @ Bunny
    Yes, it's quite cheap but the available shades just don't suit me.. This looks pink while the lighter shade is way too light! >_<

  4. im not really a concealer user though god knows that i need to badly conceal all my blemishes. LOL

    i have tried the nyx was ok for me but i just dumped it for a reason...

    i have the elf one but i notice that it cakes on me & after a while it sits on the lines...not a good one.

    You ought to try the etude house lip concealer,hun. it's a nice lip concealer!

  5. LOL Same here.. I rarely use concealer except for my undereyes.

    That's odd.. It's one of my less cakey ones. But It does look horrible if I don't set it.

    Not gonna spend on a lip concealer at the moment.. Gotta choose what to buy and what not to since I don't have an income lol

  6. Which pharmacies ?


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