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My Scheming Mask (Hydrolyzed Silk Protein)

Found this old mask and decided I needed to use it before it expires! Wasn't too sure what mask this is but Nicole said it's the old packaging for My Scheming Mask.

I have to say, this mask didn't fit quite well... As you can see, there were air pockets. If I pulled it wider, air pockets would form beside my nose. If I made it 'less wide', it would cover my mouth. It also didn't fit well around my mouth and cheeks.

I don't recall if there was a scent (which means even if there was, it was mild) . There was a slight stinging sensation but nothing too much. I like that the essence wasn't sticky. This is the first mask that I don't HAVE to wash off unless I'm going out & planning to put on makeup.

Apart from the usual smoothness and softness associated with using masks, I noticed my skin was glowing! It also didn't look shiny when I left the essence on.

Size : 30 ml
Bought from : Pharmacies
Pros : Glowing effect, can leave essence on, not too sticky, mild / no scent
Cons : Bad fit, slight stinging sensation
My conclusion : Will check out this brand next time I stop by the pharmacy for masks ^_^ I like the glow it gives me.

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