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Garnier Aqua Defense Non Stop Moisturizing Gel Cream

Picked this up during a Loreal warehouse sale. I got so excited when I opened the jar cos it was green! The green colour makes me think that it's crushed cucumbers or sth lol The scent smells fresh and pleasant.

It comes with a secondary cover that ensures it's really closed so freshness is preserved.

Since I finished my ZA moisturizer, I've been using this daily and I love it. It's moisturizing enough but not oily. It dries down to an almost matte finish and isn't sticky unless you applied too much. I can apply this on both my dry and oily regions. However, if I have flaking skin, this isn't strong enough.

I've started applying moisturizer on my neck as well and this does the job. I don't know if it's because I'm using more moisturizer now or I enjoy using this too much or because I need more of this to feel the effect but I think it's disappearing at an amazingly fast rate! For the low price, I wouldn't mind repurchasing and I might be able to pick it up at the next warehouse sale too!

Product says :

Size : 50 ml
Price : < RM 10
Sold at : Pharmacies (mine was from a Loreal warehouse sale though)
Pros : Cheap, not oily, moisturizing enough (for me), smells good, almost matte finish
Cons : Rounded top (can't stack stuff on top), not moisturizing enough for really dry skin
My conclusion : Very good day moisturizer for me! Worth repurchasing and most probably will ^_^


  1. Wahh...So cheap..I like their gel 1..:)

  2. that's such a cute green cream..i don't think i've ever seen green day though..

    thumbs up for the matte finish!

  3. i love Garnier creams i use them for my night cream as well. You can get them really cheap as well.

  4. Oh... I have really ry skin... I guess this is not for me )= I love Garnier skin care though, so I wanted to give this a try so badly... Thanks for this review!


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