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Lace Water Decal from KKCenterHk

Would you believe me if I said I drew the design with a brush? xD

No, of course not.. I'm not some nail art goddess or something =/

It's called.. Water Decals!

They're kinda like stickers except much better!

I got mine from KKCenterHk (that's a lot of effort put into packing a thin sheet lol). This design is N.NAIL Water Decals Nail Art- WDBLE869.

Pic from website for clearer view. It's black & white lace design.

Cut them out in strips so you can measure better. Put it against your nail and cut the strip so it's just enough for the design you want. You can make it longer to be safe. I used 2 and a quarter rows for 8 nails.

** IMPORTANT ** Peel off the plastic layer or it won't work. Stupid me actually forgot twice =_=" The decal stuck onto the plastic and couldn't be used =(

Fill a small container with water. I would suggest a flatter & wider container. Drop the water decal (without plastic!!) into the water. It's better if it floats so you don't have to fish around for your decal.

After a short moment, the paper detaches from the decal and sinks.

Using a tweezer, grab onto one end of the decal and take it out slowly and position it carefully around where you want on your nail. Drop a bit of water (if needed) on your decal to shift it. Right now, it's just like a piece of plastic that's not sticky. If it curls/folds, put it back into the water and flatten it again. This is just amazing cos you can even move it with your fingers and requires no accuracy lmao Leave it to dry and it will stick fast to your nail.

File off the excess decal on the edge of your nail. I would suggest leaving the extras on your nail tip instead of cuticle as it's easier to remove.

Apply top coat to protect it and help disguise the edge of the decal.

Show off your nails and beam with joy when people ask how did you manage to draw such intricate designs xD

Really great for nail art that is way too complicated for normal people like us xD

Price : USD 2.82

** Product was provided by the company for review purposes. However, this has not affected my thoughts on the product in any way.


  1. That is so pretty! :) I love it! 

  2. Oh gosh, they looks sooo awesome! Dainty and so pretty with the pink polish! I've never tried much nail art but this looks simple and great! :)

  3. Water decals are so convenient! I also had lace :3
    I like the black lace on that shade of pink btw :)

  4. Super Cute!

  5. Yeah! Took me a while to get the gist but once I got the hang of it, it was easy ^_^ Much better compared to stickers which tend to peel or trap air bubbles =(

  6. ooo pretty! love the combination!

  7. awesome nail tutorial..i never found out there is something like this..nice!!

  8. ohmy! its so pretty!! really gorgeous! ^_^~

  9. LOOKS better than the normal nail sticker...any idea where can get at Malaysia?

  10. Hi there..saw your comment,i'm selling the water decal nail art. where r u from? i will be having a booth at summit usj on 14th till 16th dec.


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