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Orange-Grey Eyes

Wasn't in a creative mood for this blog title lol
Figured my previous Summer Sunset eyes were too bright for daily wear x.x So I tried another way to wear Orange on the eyes. Colours inspired by The Prodigurls lens I'm wearing.

- Empro Triangular Eyebrow Pencil - Elf Brightening Eye Colour (Drama) - Empro Day & Night Mascara - Elf Plumping Lip Glaze (Baby Doll) -

Very simple look that doesn't require tutorial but just thought I'd shove my pictures in your face =x

Can you guess what brush is this? xP

Bright colours make me look like I have huge alien eyes bulging out so I always pair them with a dark colour. Just makes it so much more wearable ^_^ Will not let all the coloured eyeshadow palettes I hoarded go to waste!! (so I say now.. lol)


  1. Love those lenses on you! :D

  2. The colour combination looks great! And I envy your blending skills, lol. 

  3. Good job Isabel!!! Your photoshop-ing skills getting real good ^_^  Don't get me wrong, I mean the overall tutorial is great!! =D

  4.  haha Thanks Cynthia.. Although honestly, I don't think I did a very good job xD Like simply do only

  5. Love the mustache~  =D  You're eyes look amazing!!

  6. love this look!! i have been using orange eyeshadow quite often these days. never thought it'd look good on me but it's quite nice for spring!

  7. Looks good :D

  8. Wow! You look really nice with this look! 

  9. Looks great! I haven't tried using orange eyeshadow, because I think I would look funny. But it look great on you! Bahaha! And nice tutorial, very clear! ^___^ 


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